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The greatest reward in this silly little life is this smile... #MyBabyGirl
Lily Charlotte - today you are sweet 16!!! 🎈 and today I want to say THANK YOU! You made me a Mum!!! You came into my world like a tiny little angel right when I needed you, and every day since you have made me proud and grateful that you chose me! I have done my best to raise someone who you’d be proud to be, and I hope I’ve succeeded! It hasn’t always been easy, for a long time I did it on my own, but being your mum has always been my greatest achievement! You should be proud of who you are my beautiful girl, because YOU are incredible!! You have the brightest future and whatever you choose to do, I will always think the sun shines out of your little butt, because my darling YOU ARE my sunshine!! ☀️ So THANK YOU!!!! For always being you, for loving me, for choosing me and for being the best daughter I could ever hope for! ❤️ I LOVE YOU!!! Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!! 🍝🍰 tonight we shall feast like kings on your favourite foods! #lilycharlotte #16thbirthday #16today #sweet16 #mybabygirl #iloveyou #soproud #beautiulyounglady #housewivesoftheyarravalley @just_ya_boi_lily
- Words Cant Explain How Happy & Proud of You I Am😘I Now Know That You REALLY Do be Listening to MY Many Life Lessons💯CONTINUE TO BE BETTER THAN ME BABY SISTER🗣I Love Yo Stank Ass👩‍👧 #RealSisters #Graduation #MyBabyGirl
Mal passou e já estamos de #tbt do batizado 🙊 olha como esse mano baba por ela 🤤😍 ele me ajuda muito, ontem ainda ele deu papinha pra ela. Ele quer fazer tudo se deixar (menos trocar a fralda 🤔😂) #batizado #maededois