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Coolest kid in the dentist office today #myman
This man is an amazing dad and I don’t brag on that part of him as much as I should. Poor man has been sick the past couple of days. 😔 He has went and worked out ok this crazy weather all day just to come home in time to get down and play with Rey Rey before bed and hasn’t complained at all ❤️❤️ He doesn’t have to do anything that he does but he chooses to do it day in and day out. He loves Rey just like he was his own ❤️ I’m beyond glad God sent you into our life’s. ❤️❤️ Thank you for everything you do for us ❤️ We love you ❤️ #theymakemyhearthappy #mybabyboy #myman #ReyAlexander #bestbuddies #itsbedtime
I am so thankful for this guy everyday and I can’t wait to start this new chapter with you in just a couple weeks!❤️🏠 you just amaze me more and more everyday my love and i can’t wait for what the future holds for us.😘 #myman #tommyboy
Wednesday was a good day! Worked out, ate more carbs than I normally do at work, office closed early, worked out again because of said carbs, my love came home and we went to dinner at one of our fave spots, had a good glass of wine and dinner, he got down on one knee, I said yes, got engaged, I now have a fiancé, and then we opened an expensive bottle of whiskey we've been saving! Have to really buckle down on my ketones and keto diet now! Haha! Again I say, Wednesday Was A Good Day! 💕😊
❤️Feeling good today loving life!!! I’m so grateful to my boyfriend!!He is such a hard working man and A great provider I seriously would not be here if not for him! And he is so supportive of everything I do he never complains about me not making much money 😕 and he reminds me everyday why I fell in love with him at first sight!! Im so ready to bring on our future and I hope one day I can support him and he won’t need to work all thanks to my new itworks family!!❤️ #family #love #bestmanever #lovehim #hubby #daddy #myman #movingonup #feelinggood #lovelife #unstoppable #togetherforever #10yearsstrong #babbydaddy #kittycat