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Sometimes a gentle push in the right direction is all we need to get started right? Or maybe a nudge for some ?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ . I (Ash Lane) still remember the moment that it all changed . The day I found out I was pregnant. All of a sudden I felt an urge to fill my brain with knowledge on how to care the best possible way for the tiny human growing inside of me. . The truth is most people can handle letting them selves down... who would ever know if you didn’t do what you told yourself you would do right? Still to this day, I tell myself one thing and don’t always follow through (I’m human) . We are big supporters of doing stuff for YOU! But if you find yourself becoming unstuck and drifting from what you want, maybe it’s time to find another purpose? You know, one that’s going to kick you in the butt when you need it! Maybe it’s for your partner, your child, someone close that needs you to inspire them, it could even be that “someone” who said you’d never be able to do it! . Still to this day (since falling pregnant) my purpose is my son, I’ve learned many lessons since beginning my journey, particularly in the mindset space, turning my life from a dream or a one day mindset to a life where I choose to say act on my dreams now. . The best part is my purpose has grown, to help those women who were just like me, lazy, inactive (exercise was actually something I despised) too busy, and consumed junk (and not a scrap of a vegetable) wayyyyy too much.... do I need to say more? 🙈 . Our Fit with Ash, nutrition, training and mindset program was designed to help busy women who need their confidence back, do exactly that, with a fast (anywhere) training plan, and the easiest ever family friendly meal plan to follow while coaching you in the mindset area, so for once you can believe and achieve. . We would love to support you in making your health and fitness dreams a reality NOW. To get your first 7 days Free, head to the link in our bio ➡️ @_fitwithash
I have been seriously neglecting upper body for four months, and it shows. It has been a result of being sick, then being on vacation and then struggling to find motivation to train 😤 I was in the mindset to rather train lower body than upper body the few times I visited the gym. #TeamChickenLegs I will never make that mistake again! 💞 Being, healthy and strong and fit requires your entire body. Your body is capable of wonderful things and treat it accordingly. • • We all are human, we can't be motivated 24/7 or follow the right steps to a healthier better you 24/7. You just have to make more healthy decisions than unhealthy ones. If you are making healthy decisions 80% of the time, then my girl, you are golden. ✨ It is not a diet it is a lifestyle 😃🍯💃🏽 • • On this photo I made a promise to myself: I will work hard, I will excel and I will be better. ✔️ • #LivingForAFewYearsLikeOthersWontSoThatICanLiveTheRestOfMyLifeLikeOthersCant #IFeltLikePrincessLeia #SecretStarWarsFanTeehee
#NESTING is a real thing, people! 👋🏽 #28weekspregnant lol If you watched my story you already know I rearranged our bedroom this morning hahha and in the process I decided to do something I love doing and gives me such good energy 👉🏾 get rid of things that are taking SPACE and that I don’t love with all my heart. ✨ We keep SO much stuff cuz it had sentimental value at one point, or we spent a lot of money on, or we like it and we think we MIGHT use it again at one point. . GET RID OF IT! Clear up space in your life and home, so you can manifest the things you want. 💕. . Want more money? Clear up space in your wallet - clean it up! Want more clothes you actually love using and make u feel your best? Clear up space in your closet - DONATE! Want more cute home decor? Clean up old drawers, decide what you REALLY love seeing every day - go sell or donate the rest! ✌🏽. . Created so much space today that I even got a new place to practice yoga - which is like the only movement I can get right now cuz #diastasisrecti lol so hey, it was a freakin productive day 🧘🏽‍♀️
I do not know how I got a nonblurry picture because my arms are SHAKING! Excuse me while I try and make dinner with my noodle arms 😭
I anticipated feeling ready to exercise weeks after Milana’s arrival, but, the truth is I was tired ...very tired and I was healing on top of breast feeding, being a wife (also a full time job) and working a full time job. Let’s just say I had a lot on my plate. I will say though, Breastfeeding and pumping did most of the work for me, I was loosing so much weight without exercising at all. I thought it was so cool considering I gained 35 pounds during pregnancy. I was 185 lbs when I gave birth and in only a few weeks I was back down to 150 lbs which was my weight before pregnancy. It’s been a little over a year since I gave birth and it’s time for mama to get her groove back, I have your typical mommy stretch marks, mommy tummy and back rolls, no I’m not perfect but I’m working on my self to reach the best shape of my life. so to all my new mamas out their, let’s take care of ourselves so we can take better care of our family. Because when you take care of yourself you take better care of others. _ Check out my latest blog post on Self care for Moms link in my bio. * * * #selfcare #workout #momworkout #postbabyworkout #fitmom #fitchick #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmotivation #sweat #fitfam #mysweatlife #bbg #workingmom #momlife #postpartumbody
I’ve got a bit of a wandering soul so the military wife life has fit me well! I truthfully don’t know I’ll ever find contentment for too long in one place. 🤔 || I’m curious tho. If YOU had to choose... where would you put down permanently? We’re loving Texas so much but this view I could get used to too! 😍 Helps that family is near by as well. P.s look at all those teeny tiny cars to the right! We’re so high!! And we weren’t even to the top yet. 😳 #milso #armywife #buttkicker #arizona #sqawpeak #wheresgoldie💛
❤️It’s American Heart Month, y'all! And because we’re crazy about women’s health & wellness and heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women (more deadly than all forms of cancer!) we’re excited to join the awareness movement by sharing with you the stories of two amazing Austin-area women. Darby Denison and Jennie Covert Stewart are both young, vibrant, active, busy, go-getter women — who also happen to have survived heart attacks. ⠀ 😳Woah! What a wake-up call to realize that the face of heart attacks might not be what we all immediately picture in our minds. They don’t just affect the unhealthy, the inactive, the elderly or the sick. ☝🏻But wait, there is a silver lining: an awareness of the symptoms is key to survival and to minimizing damage, as displayed in both Darby & Jennie’s experiences. And awareness we can all have.⠀ ⠀ ❤️We hope their stories open your eyes as they have ours and teach you something you may not have known before about heart health and heart attack symptoms among women. As with all of our #igniteRealWomenRealStories features, these incredible women will also inspire you with their optimistic, hopeful and renewed perspective and approach to life.⠀ ❤️I encourage you to please forward this story on to all of the women you love and care about. Because knowledge is power, and awareness saves lives!⠀ ⠀ 👆🏻Read their full stories at the link in our profile👆🏻