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Water, to me, feels like home 🌊 It’s my happy place. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lake, ocean, mountain stream or river- I love all of them. Today the water was extra choppy and it felt like the rain was about to move in. I was the only person around for miles and I was able to relax while soaking up the sun, waves, sounds and smells 💧 #lakelife #paddleboard #mytherapy #naturelover #reset #yoga
swipe>> very few things put and keep a smile on my face... good food.. good conversation w/good peoples and #mybaby #mytherapy my #gsxr ❤💃🔥 #letsride #bikenight tuesday night #afterwork then did a night ride down gsp south til we saw the sky light up with lightning and thunder then we immediately got off the parkway and made a uturn to go home 😂😂 we aint scared of rain but we scared of lightning and thunderstorms 😁 #motorcycleriding #motorycles #motorcycleofinstagram #gsxrnation #teamyamaha #teamgsxr #cruiserlife #daytona #hondacbr #sportbikes #sportbikelife #twowheels #letsride #beautifulnight #meetingnewpeople #goodpeople #goodtimes #njbikerchick #bikerchick #bikergirlsareawesome #instamoto #njlmr #njlastminriders
Took a leisurely walk to reflect on this journey I embarked on ten weeks ago. The more I thought about it I realized that I just continued to make excuses for myself. Instead of working harder- I told myself I was doing enough. That has NEVER been me. I don’t just do “enough.” Yet there I was- doing just that. That was when I decided I needed to find myself again. Not only had I gained weight, lost my motivation, and lost my entire self, but I had become the “good enough” girl- in all aspects of my life. Not just fitness. In every thing. My daughter’s death started my spiral, yet I was the one that kept it going. No one else. Me. Even the things that mattered MOST (her legacy) received my “good enough” attitude. I had lost myself, and yet still attempted to give so much of my own energy and self worth when I should have been concentrating on picking up the pieces and becoming that strong woman that I am, that I know I can be! How was I going to get there? I had noted some amazing results from Ashley’s tribe. Her community was key. I recognized what I needed to do, and ironically my timing was days off from her newest challenge. That is when I thought- why not do it all? I did just that. The rest of my life may be up in the air but my commitment to myself does not and will not falter. A few weeks ago Ashley asked us how our goals have changed. Two of the things I noted were to allow myself more time for me, and to give myself credit for what I DO accomplish and to not beat myself up over what I DO NOT accomplish. I have done both and plan on continuing my growth. This has surely been a life changing experience. I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful inspiration you have provided. I am mentally, physically, and emotionally in the best place within the last three years of my life. Of course I need to shout out to my angel because without her, I couldn’t be the best mom I know how to be. Also thank you @christianconfletti for hanging on during this roller coaster ride the last three years❤️ ANY thing is possible #ashletes #ashleyhorner #ashleyhornertransformyou #strongerthanyesterday #infantlossawareness #reachout #mytherapy
I gotta say, I walked in tonight feeling kinda sluggish and tired (because #momlife), but after 45 minutes of cycling (or cycle dancing as I like to call it) with these ladies, I walked out feeling pumped and energized! Boom. Let’s do this, Wednesday.💥 #cyclebarsanelijohills
Because sometimes you need a great big sparkly cheesy ball photo to remind you that ONE HOUR of me-time is not selfish. Not . One . Bit. It’s taken me 21 months to come out of my fog. 28 if you count the preggo months when we referred to Max as JoJo. It took gentle urging (that lead to a loving push out the door) from my hubby. He told me I missed teaching more than I could see. He told me that I get a sparkle in my eyes when I practice yoga with other humans. #gofigure He told me that I deserved to (re)discover my purpose beyond being Max’s mama. He told me I had nothing to lose. . Don’t tell him, but he was right. 110%!on all accounts. . I’m overjoyed and honestly, humbled, to be teaching at three very different locations that all hold a special place in my heart. . But this isn’t about my #toddermom triumph. (Because wowza, this discovery took way to long.) . It’s about making room for YOU. . It’s about becoming so•much•more compassionate with yourself. It’s about acknowledging why you’re not happy, where something just isn’t serving you (or you’re not serving it) any longer or how you’re holding yourself back from living your truth. It’s about summoning the courage to break free from your self-limiting beliefs and critical expectations. . It’s about creatively, playfully, faithfully acting on little nudges that push you beyond what’s “normal”, comfortable or easy. . It’s about giving yourself the s p a c e to just be as•you•are, when you need to just breathe. . And it’s about giving yourself the intentional space when it’s time to grow. . Most of all, it’s about believing that you DESERVE a mother of a breakthrough. . You DESERVE to feel the joy and awe and excitement that sparks when you align your mind, body and heart. . Long story long: Listen to your loved ones and take the damn hour to do something for your fine self. . You are WORTH it, sweet friend🤟🏼💙✨ . . . . . . . #motherlylove #spreadyogalove #momsohard #mynameismama #selfcarefirst #toddlermomlife #liveauthentically #momhairdontcare #mytherapy #bodylove