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Final result... maybe, thinking to add a little touch. If I do you will only be able to see it at Ramsey Outdoors in Succasunna tomorrow for the Cabin Fever Event. I started to trust my gut a lot more lately. Since I started to trust my gut, it has definitely changed my attitude about certain things I was uncomfortable with or had some type of lack of confidence. I started to apply that to my daily life a few months ago. So far my gut has not let me down... and is a big gut 😂😂 Hope to see you all there!! Also check my FB page Raw Nature Studio DZN and on Instagram @rawnature_studiodzn “Grand Valley”
You are enough 🖤
The last few years were a struggle for me. I had given up multiple times. I know this isn't the case today. The last year has been a blessing. I had to do it mentally on my own but I had people there with me making sure I didn't give up. One of these people where my dear friend @shawn.carr.142 he told me "Remember it's just one Pedal at a time and when your riding thats all you need to worry about" He was my motivation and inspiration to get on the bicycle and to become who I am. I haven't looked back since. You never know how something will affect your life. For me it was life changing. Today is your day. Never give you on yourself.
*40kg curls obviously for the girls* We all have instincts and instincts are usually good things but there is one I try avoid and that’s the instinct to give up. No matter how hard I’ve been pushed, smacked about, held down, suffocated and disrespected I don’t give up. I may retreat get stronger, get better and refuel to fight again but I never give up. It’s just not an instinct I have anymore if it’s truly what I want there is no give in me. The truly horrifying thing for me is seeing those so close giving up. Greatness is there for the taking so fucking grab ahold and wrestle with it till it’s yours. This generation has become wrapped in cotton wool and it’s no one persons fault. My legacy will be to relieve you of that, to allow you the knocks to become stronger. Life hits pretty fucking hard and it won’t stop, it’ll pound on you and bring you to your knees but I’m proud to be an example of how you can take those hits and keep your forward momentum to push through the beating. You need discipline, you need mental strength, you need to get rid of that instinct to give up and most importantly you need to remember you have all this inside you already! You’ve come this far let’s take it to the championship rounds and fuck shit up 👌🏻💪🏻❗️ #curlsforthegirls #biceps #flexfriday #fridayflex #flex #friday #personaldevelopment #fitnessvideo #fitfam #fitpro #fitness #focus #curls #beyourbest #alterego #dedication #upgradeyourworkout #inspiration #overcome #motivation #mylife #mytherapy #mythoughts #personalgrowth #personalgoals #training #instinct #personaltrainer #pptlifemanagement #alphamale
Raise your hand if going to #Target alone is kind of like a mini #vacation! 🙋 I remember, when Reese first started preschool and Rylan was at school, I would grab a friend, meet them for coffee, and we'd stroll through Target for hours. I would look through all the clearance racks, stop and look at all of the books that I wanted to read, but I didn't have time to read because I still had very small children at the time, and basically just take my time looking through every single aisle because I didn't have anybody to throw a tantrum, or ask for a toy, or to just rush me. I was on my own time. I got to go to Target alone today, no kids, no husband, just me and my #beautybeverage. I didn't stop for coffee, but you better believe that I strolled through every aisle and I flipped through a few books that I've been wanting to read, and even grabbed one to bring home. But it just reminded me of those early days when I would do it while the kids were in school and it was just kind of my version of me time. Who ever thought that strolling the aisles alone at Target could be considered #selfcare?
So he’s been doing Body Beast which you can see how’s been making awesome gainz 💪🏻 But today we did Legs from a Little Obsessed, and he said it was harder because of the moves. It just goes to show that all of Beachbody’s programs are designed to kick your butt. You just have to find your hard! HAPPY FLEX FRIYAY FAM 😘 #flexfriday #swolemates #makemusclesnotexcuses #alittleobsessed #dedication #determination #goals #myweightlossjourney #strongisthenewskinny #killedit #fitgirls #strongereveryday #fightforit #sweatcity #teambeachbody #fitnessjourney #focus #fitness #goaldigger #bettereveryday #buildmybody #hustleforthemuscle #progressnotperfection #mytherapy
Bliss after a long week. We are now taking bookings for 30min foot massage perfect for after kicking off those heels 💃🏽