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Happy birthday to my baby girl. Big double digits mommy loves you. Sorry im working today. You are getting so big im thankful god blessed me with such a kind, beautiful, thoughtful and strong little girl like u. I am proud to be your mommy you and Jayden are my everything and what makes me bust my butt off for you two crazies of mine. Everything I do is for you two. Love you my 10 year old big girl. @keira_islandgirl #big10 #mybabygirl #mylove #loveyousomuch #myworld #mommylife #mommyof2 #myfirstchoice #secondborn #blessed #family #alwaysandforever
This is to a certain someone who creates profile after profile to gain pictures of my daughter. You chose to stop seeing her almost 6 months ago, your choice no one else’s. I’ve been to solicitors and to mediation in an attempt to give Sophie a right to know and form a relationship with her biological parent, for you to hang up on the secretary and say “no tell her I’m not interested” before doing so. You’ve never heard her talk, count, say her colours or just watched her been a cheeky toddler. Each day I’m furious, how you can sleep at night, especially given she has seriously health problems which have scared me to the point I thought she would die in my arms, yet still not interested in having anything to do with her precious little life 😓 Be sure on her birthday to share a sob story on Facebook and the only pictures you have, your the one truly missing out. #absentparent #howdoyoudoit #yourchoice #deadbeat #daughter #myworld #precious #myeverything #anger #sadness #shocked #6monthstoolate
@faz3 Put your ear closer to my lips 💋👂 Here's the word of my soul to you ✒️A∈©️fazzaofficial