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Today I took Jacob to his first ‘Baby’ class, at 11 months old. Something I haven’t had the chance to do before now due to all his health issues and hospital admissions. So today was a big step for us, a bit of a milestone. A lot of typical mums might take for granted that they can just sign up to swimming lessons, and baby massage without a second thought. But for us it wasn’t that easy. I got told I couldn’t take Jacob swimming for quite a while as he was just to small and light that he didn’t have enough body fat to insulate him. We couldn’t risk having him around any cougars or colds due to his low immune system and impending surgery. We couldn’t do baby massage because his bowels would be holding 8hours worth of stool & wind in them until we did the next rectal wash out. But I wasn’t ready either. I wasn’t ready for the questions from strangers, I wasn’t ready for the looks out of the corners of peoples eyes when they see his ng tube. So we stayed at home, we made our own baby sensory. We played our own games. But today we did it! We went to a class...and we loved it. Both of us! We even made another friend who has Down syndrome.l, and learnt some valuable makaton along the way. @babysigninglincoln thank you for being patient with us, I know we’ve been saying for months we will join up, and now we have, we look forward to next week! #downsyndrome #t21 #trisomy21 #theluckyfew #nothingdownaboutit #morealikethandifferent #nicubaby #hirschsprungs #hirschsprungsdisease #infantilespasms #vsd #heartdefects Picture courtesy of @babyfacepix
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Those eyes 😫❤️ today we went up to 3 hourly feeds, some tube feeds some suck feeds. Mummy made the decision to bottle feed instead of breast because really Bowie decided that. He takes better to the bottle so instead of the big song and dance trying to get him to latch on we can ALL now feed with the bottle😄 I’ve still decided to express until he’s home 🙌🏼 The added formula must be helping because he’s now 3lbs4oz 🏋🏼‍♀️ #tags4tots #nicubaby #neonatal #tttssurvivor #twinboy #37weeksgestation #9weeksold #mummysboy #babiesofinstagram #snugasabug #Bowie #ourmiracle #starman
Do you know anyone who has experienced NICU? 👶 💕 Six years ago we had a NICU baby. My family survived NICU. I survived placenta accreta. You have to live it to understand what that means. It takes time to put things back together. I’m thankful everyday for my amazing family and friends and the support we had to get through those times. I’m sharing a piece of my story with you all today at #jaseyscrazydaisy. If you click the #linkinbio and choose reflections you’ll find the post. #highriskpregnancy #nbicu #nicu #nicubaby #universityofutahhospital #placentaprevia #placentaaccreta #placentaaccretasurvivors #blessed #nicusurvivor
This is Heston while in the NICU and on a cooling blanket. I’ve never shared my early NICU photos on social media because they are heartbreaking for me. It’s makes my heart ache to see my sweet boy hooked up to tubes and wires. To have to wonder if he was cold? To be reminded that I didn’t hold him for the first time until days after his birth (even though I cherish every photo). Do you see that hand in the picture? That’s mine. This is from the first time I met my baby. Almost 3 days after he was born. If you look you can see the jaundice in my skin from AFLP. Keep in mind this photo is unedited. I share this not to make anyone sad, but to spread hope. To show the power of God and how he uses doctors, nurses, a wonderful NICU staff, and medical science to help heal. To all the Mama’s out there worried about your baby, just know I understand. And I’m praying for you. #aflpbaby #nicubaby #acutefattyliverofpregnancy #aflp #nicu #miraclebaby #coolingblanket #theraputichypothermia #godisgood #askmehowiknow #iamheretohelp
The moment she grasped my finger was the moment I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. #nicubaby 💞
Day 38 in NICU: Yay! Sterling passed his carseat test! He also passed his heart test this morning ❤️. Mommy did the CPR training, so now we're just waiting to hear about an official discharge date. His weight did drop a few grams, but he is eating well and up to 50 cc's every 3 hours along with #breastfeeding ❤️. #nicu #nicustrong #fightlikeapreemie #nicumom #nicumommy #nicubaby #niculife #preemie #preemiesrock #preemielife #preemiepower #preemiestrong #preemiebaby #preemiemom #nicuwarrior #nicujourney @everytinything
Super Dad-ing it with 2 screaming babies while I pump. 👍🏼🥛 I gotta stop posting such attractive photos of Chris otherwise a legion of ovulating women will storm the gates. 😂
My new “normal”. A few months ago I know I would have handled this situation much differently. I know I would have found the negative and dwelled on that. I know I would have let the stress of not being in control of it all really get to me. But there’s something about having the privilege of motivating and encouraging others that is keeping me motivated myself. While these next weeks will look different and are unpredictable, I am grateful for the constants. ———————————————————————— I plan to continue fueling my BODY with the healthy foods it needs - both for me and for my two girls, as I am exclusively pumping for them. While I won’t be able to workout for some time, I plan to give my body the rest and the time it needs to heal. I plan to continue fueling my MIND with personal development to remain strong throughout this journey. My days have no room for negativity! And I plan to fuel my SOUL by continuing to pour into the ladies in my groups and continue helping them reach their goals. ———————————————————————— I absolutely NEVER saw myself doing what I’m doing now. I always had a lot to say, but was too afraid to say it! I cared too much about what other people thought. These programs worked for me and I KNEW they could work for others. I’m so glad I took the leap outside my comfort zone. They say nothing good happens inside them - and based on all of the amazing things happening lately - I would say they’re right 💕 #mindovermatter #postpartumjourney #nicumom #inspireothers
I haven't posted in a couple weeks, and so much has happened! Sully is 37 weeks which makes him 12 weeks old! 👶He is 5 9oz and getting sooooo big. He has been off of CPAP for 2 weeks and is on a high flow nasal cannula💜 He had a little bit of a rough transition but was able to fight through it 🥊Go Sully!!! He is now in a big boy crib, and his area looks like a little nursery. It's so cute 🤩 Sully ended up developing stage 3 retinopathy which is a condition in the eyes👀 that can cause blindness. He had to get eye injections 💉 and they seem to be working to reverse it❣ He is coming down on oxygen slowly but steadily and will hopefully begin trying to eat from a bottle in the next week or two 🍼 My fight kind of left me last week, and I became a full blown basket case but got through it💪💪 I didn't have the energy to update anyone. We are all having to fight our way through this. It is terribly hard and amazingly beautiful all at the same time ⛈🌈 Link in bio #micropreemie #preemiepower #preemiestrong #preemie #fightlikeapreemie #preemiebaby #25weeker #baby #nicu #nicumom #nicudad #nicubaby #namc
Torsdag ❥ —————————————————————— Jag får ofta frågan om hur jag lyckas få kort på tjejerna. Det är inte lätt och jag är ganska svettig efteråt! Det här är en mer ”rättvis” bild av hur det brukar se ut (dock är majoriteten av bilderna även suddiga). Ella försöker bita på koftan och Inez som har dreglat ned sin tröja försöker ta av sig hårbandet. Men alla bilder har väl sin charm ❥
Dream big, little one! . . These crib art designs will bring joy and encouragement to your NICU. A sweet reminder that you may be little but you are SO fierce! Our children teach us so much about perseverance and strength. . . To shop these cards, click on the link in our bio! . . . #NICU #cribart #nicucribart #joy #encouragement #fierce #dream #dreambig #perseverence #strength #niculife #nicumom #nicubaby #preemie #premature #newborn #preemiestrong #micropreemie #babiesofinstagram #neonate #lifeinsidethenicu #nicunurse #preemiepower