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I know at times during the NICU journey it felt like I was just a maker of milk, expressing every 3 hours to provide my baby with 'liquid gold' but unable to feed directly from the breast & develop that bond. I remember writing in a blog that I threw myself into this task as it felt like the only thing I could do for my baby that noone else could - something that truly made ME his Mum. And that's when it hit me. I was more than the maker of milk. I was his protector, his advocate, his strength, his supporter, his biggest fan. I was his Mum. And nothing could ever change that. Be kind to yourself and remember you are more than enough. You are everything ❤ 📸 @pumpspotting #miraclemumma
I do not like to share photos of Jack when he was in the NICU. Jack was our 9th pregnancy, the longest pregnancy too. He was our miracle baby. However, when he came into the world, it was not a celebration... It was sheer panic 9 weeks early. We did not believe he was going to survive. Other parents who have experienced the number of losses we have on our journey to creating our family will understand the defensive wall we built in the first few days of his life. . . Sometime while I cuddle with Jack in the wee hours of the morning, I ponder what our other children would have been like. There are two miscarriages that stand out ... Our first in August of 2014 and the ectopic pregnancy in May of 2016. I wonder what these babies would have looked like grown up to be, or would they have been good siblings to Jack. . . We are the lucky ones. We got our #rainbowbaby. So many do not. Today we mount the babies that will never be that we loved and had hoped so much for. #pregnancyandinfantloss #nicugrad #rainbowbaby #miscarriage #thisisreallife #momlife #1in4 #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness
And somehow we survive the trauma, the shock, the agony. Those long night where we thought we too may die from the sheer weight of the grief become a memory. And now we remember that short life with a smile and rejoice that we were blessed to have them for even a little while. - Zoe Clark-Coates #waveoflight #wol2018 #storytelling #yourlifemattered #childabuseawareness #childabuseprevention #seesomethingsaysomething #justiceforlincoln #littlelincoln #thinkoflinc #boymom #childloss #infantloss #pregnancyloss #siblingloss #griefsupport #griefjourney #savethebabies #lincolnlewis #motherhoodunplugged #lifeafterloss #lifeafterdeath #nicugrad #lifeafterlinc #lincolnlewis
Have you visited our beautiful friends at @babyspaperth ? Each month Baby Spa Perth contribute vouchers for a hydrotherapy and massage session to go in our care packages. Their neonatal area is specially designed for newborns and they have experience dealing with medically fragile infants including those on oxygen. Attending the Baby Spa with your child benefits both of you 💗 #tinysparkswa #tinybutmighty #premmiebaby #perthbaby #perthfamilies #neonatal #nicu #nicubaby #nicugrad #miraclemumma #babiesofperth #perthchildrenshospital #prematurebaby #pretermbirth #perthmums #perthparents #nicujourney #worldprematurityday #neonatology #prematurebabies #nmhs_wa #perthbabies #borntoosoon #preemie #aussieparents #socialimpact #livewagivewa #surviveandthrive @nmhs_wa
One of my BIGGEST fears when we found out Sam had Down Syndrome was what the future would be like. I am a planner and not knowing was really hard for me. As I sat in another doctors appointment where they laid it out there “we just need time” to see how his lungs grow and how bad his lung disease ends up being just felt like a kick in the stomach honestly. I want to see progress! I need to see it. I get so wrapped up in seeing massive change that I sometimes forget how far he has come or how the slow (but steady) progress he has been making. Like today in physical therapy, our therapist was so proud of him for how much strength he had gained in just a week. . This is mostly a reminder to myself that while I am dying to ditch the tubes, I need to be patient, and appreciate the mountains he has climbed already. I know he will get there, it’s just always SO HARD to hear how far we still have left to go. . BUT Look at this sweet face. Doesn’t he look like an angel baby?! 😍 Regardless of the constant highs and lows... he sure is #downrightperfect
{“Life will never be the same.” Because there had never been anyone like you, ever in the world.} Autumn with her is something special. 🍁🍂🍁
It finally feels like fall (more like winter) in Texas! 🙌🏻 Even though Shep was born during the winter, this was his first time to experience cold weather, which is so crazy and weird to think about. 🤔 Mom probably went a little overboard this morning bundling up this little guy, but we aren’t taking any chances! 🙅🏼‍♀️ We also confirmed Shep’s next (and hopefully final 🤞🏼) sleep study! It is getting harder and harder to pin this little guy down every night to put on his o2. I can no longer do it by myself and HAVE to have someone there to help. It must be all those veggies Shepy is constantly eating. 💪🏼 #tinybutmighty #bundledupbaby #micropreemie #25weeker #nicugrad #sleepstudy #nicutonow #9monthsnew #cousineddy
Lots of things make me proud of my kids and how their brains are growing. Paxton made this 100% on his own on Friday at my moms. She forgot to show it to me last week so she saved it for me today because she thought it was so cool! Seriously #nicugrad can do ANYTHING! 💙💪🏻
Hey everyone! We’re having our next event for @leahspolarhugs. Come join us at our Brunching for Babies fundraiser December 9th, from 10-2 pm. . . . Enjoy delicious food hosted by Chicago Bite Club, signature cocktails, raffle items, pictures with Santa and more. Further details to follow. . . . . . #charity #charitywork #philanthropy #foundation #fundraising #socialimpact #4charity #socialgood #donate #dogood #CSR #dosomething #giveback #hie #hieawareness #chicagocharity #nicu # #polarhugs #nicubaby #niculife #raisingawareness #nicustrong #nicugrad
My not-so-little baby. ❤️ We went to Seattle yesterday and had a great time. Seattle is a special city for us because it's where Will and I met in person for the first time... Exactly two months before we got married. 😬💁🥰
I'm missing this little boy soooo much right now! We, and a few of our closest friends, left our kids with their grandparents so we could escape to Orlando for the day. Its the first time we've been away from Jed this long and also the first time we're this far. Hes in the best hands with his Nana but man do I miss him! No matter how much fun you're having, it'll forever feel like there's a huge piece missing! ❤
Conner and I have been working hard on his stepping by thighs. These videos are 5 days apart (swipe 👉🏼 to see the old video). He’s much sturdier on his feet with better steps and hopefully my form has improved slightly 😬 Conner is not settling for sitting around anymore. He wants to be up, busy and getting stronger so he can run away from me someday! 🏃🏼 ❤️💪🏼 P.S. I swear Conner and i each have more than one pair of pants!👖 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
One. Year. Home for ONE YEAR. It is weird. Weird that the NICU is slowly fading behind us. On one hand, I am SO GRATEFUL. On the other hand, it is weird because not only is it your first moments, months and home with your baby, but it is one of the most intense things to go through & it can be all consuming and can be hard to let go of. Along with that, you meet...some of the most beautiful people in the midst of such a painful time. Other parents, our nurses, doctors...not only do you meet and instantly connect and go to the depths of your soul with each other immediately, they become part of your main support system, AND they watch you go through some of the potential hardest and ugliest moments of your life as you are just getting to know each other - and they still like you! It is one of the many miracles and gifts we are able to take away from that time and to have that precious time drifting farther and farther (further?) away is just so good...and so emotional. My pastor read Psalm 77 in church yesterday. And as he was reading, I was like -That's the NICU! That is what the NICU is about - doubt/fear and then remembering Who God is and that He is the Author of every babies life in those rooms and all we can do is surrender them to Him and trust He knows what is best. And the continue to do that with our kids for the rest of their lives. So, tonight we (and by "we" I mean me because E could care less) celebrate a year being a "full family of 2" without nurses or doctors around the corner with tears and praise & thank God He has enabled me to keep a human alive (mainly) on my own for this long! 👍🙌 . . #Elliotjamestodd #26weeker #lifeafternicu #home1year #preemielife #preemiestrong #preemiestory #thankful #psalm77 #life #gifts #littlemiracle #MandE #heisgood #love #nicugrad
We saw the Neurosurgeon this morning regarding the plagiocephaly & brachycephaly. When this first came about, I had guilt thinking I didn’t do something right. After today’s appt I’m seriously confused and irritated. . • Cranial Technologies gave me a sense of relief, explaining he was premature and there was a good chance this would happen regardless. Also, the possibility of long term affects if not treated. . • This is where I’m confused... the PA today asked why I waited this long to try to correct this 🤯(which ticked me off since I’ve been on the ball with all of this since the summer), what I’m doing to correct it 😒(umm I’m here) also, since he’s a year (actual) there may not be much the helmet can do but then... says he needs it for sure🤷🏼‍♀️ she says Cranial Technologies is incorrect about the affects of not treating, there’s no evidence that proves this & this is simply cosmetic. . • It shouldn’t bother me so much considering this appt was only necessary for a referral- per insurance. I’m conflicted from what was said on both ends though. . • Has anyone heard either side before?