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Everyone makes mistakes it’s how you learn from them and prevent them from happening again that counts !
Plank it Til you make it! Original #planksters Martha and Tanya holding out for more Benefits with some Saturday morning Planks! Planks don’t just work your core; they work your whole body!!! _________________________________ 1. More Muscle: Planks activate more muscles than crunches, recruiting arms, chest, back, legs, and All OF YOUR ABS! ________________________________ 2. Posture Power: Planks also develop isometric strength in your Core Muscles _________________________________ 3. Strengthen & Stretch: Planks stretch the lower half of the body from hamstrings to the arches of the feet. _________________________________ Get the most out of your plank by drawing your shoulders down, abs in, and reach your tailbone to your heels! #plankittilyoumakeit #plankchallenge #saturdaysessions #FitBodyFitLife #fitbody #fitmind #fitsoul #CAN #fitbodystrong #newportbeachfit #newportbeachfitbody #bootcamp #noexcuses
Still have some bicep pain on a few movements, but I’m happy to get some weight back on my arms.