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I finally found it! Ranch dressing without the xantham gum. Tessamae's Organic Ranch that is also dairy free (but not vegan cuz it has eggs 😕). Xantham gum is a "natural" product created from mold bacteria and sugar. Yum, right? To make it, sugars (usually from corn) are fermented with the same type of bacteria that is responsible for the black spots that grow on broccoli and cauliflower. The combination creates a slimy goo that is then dried and ground into fine powder. Xantham gum is used for a wide range of products including as a food and toothpaste thickener, as a 'medicine' for blood sugar control and those with dry mouth and as a laxative. Xantham gum swells in your intestines, which is the reason its used as a laxative (stimulates digestive tract to push stool through) and this can also slow the absorption of sugar. This swelling also means that it can cause bloating, gas, and interfere with the body's blood sugar control (if not taken as medicine). It is safe to ingest at up to 15 grams per day (so they say) but other symptoms of being sensitive to it can be flu-like symptoms such as nose and throat irritation and lung problems 😱. Most food labels don't tell you how much xantham gum is in one serving either so there's really no good way to know how much you're eating. Although the FDA says that xantham gum is perfectly safe for ingestion, it is a food additive that we don't even think about adding to our food when we prepare it at home. So why eat it at all? Plus, who's up for some mold bacteria and fermented sugars? 😷😧 Ok, that's all, I'm done. I just had to rant a bit and feel like this is something I think more people should know. Start checking the labels people! Love you guys 😜 . . . #food #additive #xanthamgum #nope #nothanks #ranch #dairyfree #healthy #salad #lunch #shoplocal
#throwitaway #nope #nottoday rotfl you have got to have your crushes! Your tv crushes. Your business crushes. Your life crushes. Your artistic crushes. Your soul crushes. How else can you live a fun life? 🤣🤣🤣 #crush
Drunk asf, but I still know what I saw... & dropped my glasses in the #Ocean 😂 I'm that 1 Friend sooo lit nobody believed I saw fish swimming around us until their was a whole school of em😒😩... Then this big black shadow emerged. I say "shadow" cuz I didnt stick around long enough to see wtf it was #Dipped #ImOut #Goodbye #TheOceanAintForUs #FuckNemo & his Daddy #survival #movebitchgetouttheway #fish #internationalwaters #fuckouttahere #Nope #ILikemyFishFriend😩😑 Bet when my ass ran they did too. #smdh #rofl #wtf #run #lol #ahhh #blackfolksinwater #scream #helpmebabyjesus #helpmetomcruise #help #iwannabesaved 😂
My oldest has been asking for a pet snake RELENTLESSLY for the past several months. So today, with the understanding that we were NOT buying anything, we went to an exotic pet store to ask some questions. You guys. I went in there hoping they would say something that would change my mind so I could support his interests but when an employee said you can EXPECT to get bitten at some point?? #Nope. I’m out. Sorry kiddo. #howaboutsomemorefish #itriedtobeopenminded #somethingsarebetterleftinthewild #boymomproblems #homeschoolmom #homeschool #homeschooling #unschooling #whatwelearnedtoday