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Looking for Salem themed gifts this season? Consider a Windows of Salem illustrated card, print or commission. Many designs have already sold out for the season but there are still some of my favorites available for purchase on the Etsy shop (link in bio). Quantities are limited (to 1 in some cases!) Thank you so much for your continued support of this fun labor of love! #salemmass #salemgifts #windowsofsalem #frameit #holiday2018 #hostessgifts #northshore
So this happens to other people? LOL Wishing you a great Monday ✨ We’re open 12ish to 7 🌙
Monday pizza special the times you call is the price you pay!!! Starts a 4pm for a Fresh cheese pizza !!!!!! 😉 #nicksplace , #LETSEAT 🍴: @nicksplacesalisbury @Nicksplace_winthrop 🚗💨:Salisbury& Winthrop, MA 👇🏼 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇🏼 • • • • • • • #foodstagram #nicksplace #letseat #nicksplacesalisbury #bostonfoodie #salisburybeach #salisbury #winthrop #nicksplacewinthrop #pizza #roastbeef #seafood #calzone #foodie #boston #phantomgourmet #northofboston #northshore #instadaily #Fresh #healthy #subs #lunch #lovewhatyoudo #cheflife
It feels like this Fall season just wasn’t long enough. But then again, it never is for me.
Post surfing lunch at 🌈🌴 @ajilimotruck 🙌🏼 for their 🦐🐟ceviche 🍋🌶after eating poke bowls for days!😂
Pretty much always a crowd no matter what the waves are doing
Awesome behavior clip from @oneoceanglobal team lead @saltybluecharni! Our highly educational program is research and conservation based, including important practical information and factors to consider when interacting with sharks. Continue reading below and come out with our professionally trained team to learn more about sharks in their natural environment! #Repost @saltybluecharni ・・・ Shark approach… what would you do? SWIPE >> —————————————— Increasing my in-water experience opens a greater understanding into shark behaviour. I am endlessly impressed with their awareness, intelligence and shy curiosity. This female Galapagos shark caught interest - in me, maybe? More likely in something I was doing or the @gopro I was holding. From shark interaction and behaviour education with @oneoceandiving, I had my head on a swivel and spotted her vertical ascent early, allowing me time to manoeuvre my fins and block her curious approach, simultaneously Shark Safety Diver @mermaidkayleigh diving down to assert her dominance in the pack with strong eye contact towards this spicy #ladyshark. // ✨ GRATEFUL FOR MOTHER OCEAN ✨ —————————————— Mahalo to all ze shark ohana @oneoceandiving @mermaidkayleigh @alexisunderthesea @oceanramsey for all that you teach and bring to my #hawaiianlife #secondhome #savesharks