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The package I have been waiting for made it to my home in Hawaii Pretty excited to try out my samples from @nutrithority So far I highly recommend them due to their amazing communication on my package. For some reason USPS couldn’t deliver it even though my address matched on Nutrithority’s side and my side. I emailed them a fews times and they replied back with answers. Extremely please with the customer service. Now to try the product!! . . # #korafitness #koralactivewear #korafitnessambassador #fitness #fitfam #healthylife #healthylifestyle #hawaii #hawaiilife #kauailife #islandlife #positivevibes
Killer workout this morning fueled by @nutrithority Cherry Limeade🍒🍈 Pump Capacitor mixed with Bang Cherry Blade Lemonade 🍒🍋. Omg the flavor is off the charts🤤😋, and the pump + my energy level was INSANE!!💪🤪 (code “Karol” saves ya some dough so check out their awesome products!!👌) Hit back and shoulders, finished off with 10 mins MIS on the stairs 🙌🙌. Shoulders/back👇. 💥BB upright rows 20x20x4. 💥Arnold Press 10x15x4. 💥Lat raises 5x15x4 . 💥Lat pulldowns 30x20x1/50x20x3. 💥Shoulder Press 15x20x4 . 💥Close grip Pulldowns 55x15x4. 💥Straight bar Pulldowns 25x15x4. 💥Seated Row 40x20x4 . Burnout 🔥🔥🔥. 💥Cable front raise 5x20x4. 💥Bus driver (10 lb plate) 30x4 . Feeling amazing today! We have a wedding tonight and looking forward to having a good time! (Sans alcohol😉☺️🙌) . Happy Saturday fit fam!💪💪💪💪 . #fitlife #fitlifestyle # #demandexcellence #pumpcapacitor #cherrylimeade🍒🍈 #fitnessismydrugofchoice💉💊👊💪 #flexibledieting #flexibledietinglifestyle #flexibledietingforthewin🙌😋💜 #weekendvibes✌️ #upperbody #cardio #macrotracking #iifym #iifymfam #iifymlifestyle #saturday #weekendworkouts #mindovermatter #s2faction #whateverittakes #healthylifehappylife😁🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️🤗 #perfectlyincomplete💔💛💪
“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” everyone out there wants something in this life, but did you ask your self first how bad you want it! It will not come to you on a plate of gold just like that. You have to get up and work hard for it, you have to make a plan and then execute, nothing worthy comes easy!
Happy #flexfriday #redfriday all! The week is finally over! So tonight I did something, I got an @inbodyusa done. Not quite where I was hoping but not totally surprised with the way my diet has been lately. Just means I got some work to do. Tonight's workout was #chest, #shoulders, and some #triceps. I also got a bit of cardio in, which I'm trying to do more of besides #Zumba, on the #stairmaster. Overall not a terrible workout. Hope everyone has a great weekend!! #LiveGiant #SupplementGiant #Nutrithority #militarymuscle #airforcemuscle #FitServiceMen #motivation #bestself #fitguy #gymrat #physique #bodybuilding #igfitness #fitnessjourney #leangains #dedicated #fitspo #gaymuscle #instagay #gaymilitary
Whelp this time next week I will be on the #npcnationals stage! I can hardly believe the time is already here! Been in prep pretty much since January 2017 with some short breaks here and there. Ya girl is ready for a long off season! But we still got a week to go and you better believe this ain’t my final form 🌚😈 Got so much accomplished today to include picking up my beautiful suit! got a much needed deep tissue massage! Also FaceTimed Coach @johnny__lugo and I’m so damn motivated to kill this last week! ⚜️🦁 #teamrise #untillambsbecomelions also @angelcompetitionbikinis has the cutest crops! - - - - #nutrithority #bestself #werenotdone #everforward #demandexcellence #bikinigirl #bikinicompetitor #teamuniverse #teamuniverse2018 #acbikinis # #alphalete
Listen straight up I'm not gonna lie to you training can SUCK! So can eating the same food every damn day, trust me I get it. You're probs sitting there right now saying "ughh I've had this damn fish and chicken 42 times in the last 7 days." It's not fun at all and when you know you have to do it all over again the next day, it can get frustrating. But I'll tell you something right now part of training and building your body, is building our mind to over come those challenges along the way. If you can convince yourself you'll do what ever it takes to reach your goals, your goals will be reached. Straight up, do NOT QUIT! There is no better satisfaction in world than waking up in the morning, and looking in the mirror and saying to yourself "FUCK YEA! I built this body! I earned this! No one can take this from me. No one!" I promise you learn from me I struggled, I still do I failed over and over again, but I'm standing here, in the best shape of my life because I didn't QUIT Now get your ass up and go get it!👊💯 FAIL TO PREPARE PREPARE TO FAIL! My @nutrithority gives me the extra push and improvements to keep going and keep my gains! To get your hands on @nutrithority at the best discount click link in my bio now! Use promo code Friess. ORDER HERE⬇️ http://.com/ref/Friessfitlife
Can we all just take a second to appreciate @lndsyball and her incredible hair skills?!?! For real though...if you are in search of a stylist or an extension guru, she’s fantastic! Shout out to @morganarmbruster for referring me to her 😘😘💇🏻‍♀️
Just finished baking brownies 🤤👌🏻 But here’s a video from my lift this morning !! Single leg RDLs- I first learned these in high school when I did sport/athletic training for basketball and it’s still one of my favorites! I did a couple big circuits because I was shorter on time; also working in jump squats, side and back lunges, dumbbell squats, sumo squats and hip thrusts (I think that’s most of them lol) Happy Friday people, go do what feels good ✌🏼 #workout #dowhatfeelsgood #circuittraining #healthyish #poweredbybrowniesandveggies
Thank you again Kaylee and @nutrithority for getting my goodies to me.🖤 Customer service always on point.👍
Happy flex Friday • • • You don’t need supplements to lose weight or build muscles but it does help tremendously. I take amino acids, I use protein powder, and take preworkout. If you have a consistent diet, quality supplements, and a solid gym routine you can see results much better quicker than with just exercise. @nutrithority has all of the supplements I take and they have worked wonders for me. . . A company that pride themselves on quality ingredients and that’s exactly what it is. . . . You can go to the website and check on their stuff. If you wanna save some money you can always use code “omer” at checkout! . . DM to ask what suppliment I use specifically while doing MMA / krav maga. . . . # #couple #fitnesscouple #fitcouple #couplegoals #girlswholift #relationshipgoals #bosscouple #motivationeveryday #inspiration #flexfriday #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilding #kravmaga #selfdefence #mma #fighter Photo courtesy of @danthegraphicman
FIRST TIME FULL SESSION BACK IN THE GYM IN OVER A WEEK! shoulder pump was 🔥 Post show pumps no carbs feeling good little swollen and watery but no worries WE WORKING! I’ve said it before I’ll say it again!⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ @carmonasac “Don’t wait for the storm to pass. Learn to dance in the fucking rain.” I always hear about people complaining about the things they want in life or how they want to look/be. Daily I wish I had that body, or I wish I could diet. 🤔 Look at yourself in the mirror ask yourself that STOP wishing and START doing. There’s no easy way around it, no secret, no magic pill, just put in the work eat clean find what fits you and a balanced life and make that shit happen! I don’t mind giving advice or helping others out but when you have the same bs reasons you’ve told me before and still go back to your old ways you’re just waisting not my time but yours. It’s all on how bad do you want it? I don’t judge no one do your thing but don’t wish or ask then go lie to yourself cause you must not want it that bad. Nothing is easy in life and Rome wasn’t built over night. PUT IN THE WORK AND I PROMISE YOU RESULTS WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! LET’S FUCKING WORK! @built_apparel @live_fit_apparel