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Client Spotlight: Here’s Frances wrapping up her last lower session of this macrocycle. A HUGE #pr of a triple at 135lbs on the #squat. She’s breaking the barriers and letting you know strength and anything is possible, even at 55yrs old! She started working with Coach T @cranetechnique and the program he designed looked like this: ACC 1 at 78%: 4x6-8 INT 1 at 85%: 7,7,5,5,3,3 ACC 2 at 81%: 5,5,5,9,9 INT 2 at 88%: 5x2-4 If you’re looking to make tremendous gains like Frances, and lift weights without the fear of getting injured, reach out to us! #strengthtraining #fitfam #nystrong #femandfierce #coachtprogramming #ageisjustanumber #trainhard #trainsmart #mamaroneck #westchesterfitness #fitness #fitnessmotivation #ladieswholift
You’re strong...we are stronger. Rough waters come and go, perhaps where no safe harbor can even suffice; but storms always pass. Masts can be reconstructed, sails resowed, and rudders mended. Life will always throw a storm in your path, but a New Yorker will always come out the other end stronger than before...scars and all. #nyc #newyorker #nystrong #alwaysstandtall
I’m really feeling my NY. Laying on a beanbag with headphones and a black pea coat watching archival reel to reel footage from Warhol’s Factory and listening to The Velvet Underground. Maybe I’ll hit CBGB afterwards 😉😉😉 #nystrong #bigcitylife
Another installation by Walter de Maria. After the obvious first impression that this room is filled to the brim with the exact stuff that was here before a building needed to be filled in the first place . . . one begins to wonder: 1 - How do you go about tending a room full of earth for 41 years (Installed in 1977)? I mean, not to do anything to it, or with it, but just to keep it, you know . . . earthy. 2 - How much is this room worth? ! ? ! Not the room full of earth, but rather the room absent the earth. I mean, it’s 3,600 square feet of prime real estate in Soho with vaulted ceilings. G*d bless NY for having priorities. #whatatown #nyny #nystrong #instillationart #developersdream