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Tigecorn - one of my all time faves from this year. This bad arse mo fo was a reminder to myself to trust in my gut and instinct. Took me a while to get there and to listen to the right instincts, I’m still learning but I got this! ✌🏻 . . Prints available - check out @eleski_nz 🐯🦄 . . #eleski #artismytherapy #watercolour #art #print #tigecorn . . #nzartist #artstagram #nzmade #artist #watercolourink #ink #amaturartist #bright #mytherapy #painting #paint #roses #bold #drawingismytherapy #artstagram #artlover #nzart #ink #instaart #artprint #sharingartworks #artwork #artoftheday #creativenz
Jumping back on this 25 days of Christmas countdown band wagon... Over on Twitter I’ve joined in with the @NZPost #nzsecretsanta and I got this off to my person over the weekend. I seriously think that if you do good things for others, it will come back to you and you’re gonna attract others who are similar, who you want to do work with and for. I thought it was relevant for today when someone said to me ‘don’t you worry that people will take your clients?’. It was because someone I did some work with was visiting my client and I was excited that they were going to meet so I mentioned it. I’m @emmabakerphotography by trade which is pretty competitive when it comes to bidding for work and myself and Ben have both worked in really competitive, cut throat amongst some, industries so we’ve seen what it’s like. I know people will try and cut in front of you but I decided that the only way it was going to change in my day to day, was if we do little things ourselves to be the kind of people we wanted to work with. At home my kids advent calendar activity is to go through their things to see what they can donate to less fortunate children today. From my desk, I’ve made a few donations to things close to the heart as well as helped some fellow peeps out in the industry. Be good people. Do good shit. It’s your personal brand that sets you apart 🙌
Experimenting time
After doing about 200 cheese boards over the past few weeks was great to experiment a bit again today
Sometimes you seem to have a run of bad luck, it's oddly fitting that 'Braveheart' by Santie Cronje arrived today with this quote on the back: “She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails” – Elizabeth Edwards
"Mai Te Aroha a uta, ki te tihi o Moehau ki tai"