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Nel match delle 17 vince il Senegal per 2-1 contro la Polonia. Un bel match,che si sblocca con l’autorete di Cionek. Raddoppia poi Niang,infine segna Krychowiak l’inutile rete per i polacchi.🇸🇳-🇵🇱
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. With proper exercise, nutrition & sleep habits, you’ll be in a much better state both physically & mentally❗️🙏 #Repost @squat_university ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ Think about how different things would be if the first go-to “fix” wasn’t a prescription for medication when you went to the doctor complaining of knee pain or back pain. Unfortunately our society has become so ingrained to the idea of finding a quick fix, you can’t even watch TV for 5 minutes without seeing an new medication advertisement!🤔🤔 . The foundations of exercise, nutrition & proper sleep habits will and should always be the real medicine. Yes modern medicine has its place but nothing beats the basics.🥊 . This post is also not a shot at all physicians - there are plenty that do talk about the basics & take time to try and fix the WHY behind injuries. Remember maintaining health is also a 2 way street. As patients of these doctors - we need to take it upon ourselves to keep our bodies healthy and do things the right way. Stop always looking for the quick fix.📝 . The next time you’re experiencing pain (like achy knees or a sore back) seek out the advice from a qualified professional who will go about treating WHY the issue is there & not just try to cover it up with pain meds & send you on your way!🙏🏼 ______________________________________