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July 2016 —> June 2018 OMG (sorry for the major double post) but 🙊 . . I have always felt that my “story” or “curly journey” was never a big enough deal to talk about because I never did anything too crazy with straightening or with bleach to kill my natural curls... or so I thought!. . I started looking through pictures and realized how much my curls have changed! Living day to day with your hair you don’t notice big changes very easily. A couple years of NO silicones, sulfates, parabens, dye, heat, & terry cloth & LOTS of deep conditioning, curly girl friendly products, silk pillow cases, & proper hair protection has seriously made a difference! 💕
we found this box in bees trunk when i moved to florida and kept it and used it to keep our keys, until i decided we have all the space in the house to put our keys and kept up the whole using it for weed thing, because this isn’t ours. 😂😂😂 #ohwell #shestolethousandsfrombee #onceacuntalwaysacunt #imstillwaitingforyoutodosomething #petty #ilovebeingpetty #fuckexs #comeatmedude #imwaiting #stonerkit #girlswhosmoke #weed #pipes #glassappreication #icollectpipes #sharpstone #stones #donutlighter #lushperfume #papers #noimnotdonewithhashtags #wontstoptillidrop
Today I’m a walking disaster. No makeup, a sty in my eye, acne up the wazoo, sunburn on chunks of my body, and to top it off I got my period. Some days are easier then others, some days provide a bit of a challenge.