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Ojibway Words of the Week 🦅💕 -Start of Winter Edition- ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ In honour of our first snow fall, I decided this weeks words should correspond with the beautiful snow our Creator has given us. December (Little Spirit Moon)❄️Manidoo Giizisoons Winter ❄️Bibon It is Snowing ❄️Zokpoh Crusted Snow ❄️Nabidin There is Snow ❄️Agonka To Shovel Snow (1) ❄️Jee Sha G'ne Ge To Shovel Snow (2) ❄️Mu Gan Bee It is Cold ❄️K'sina It is Icy ❄️M'ko Mee Ka #anishnaebe #anishnaebemwin #ojibway #wordsoftheweek #winter #snow #language #keepourlanguagesalive
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EVER SICK! 99 🔥1 week ahead of the LIVE 100th Episode, it's the 2017 Year in Review & Ever Sick! Awards. We induct our first member of the Ever Sick! Hall of Fame, Episode of the Year & Prestigious "Sweatiest Guest" Award! Hilarity ensues with my co-host/cousin Jared Bone Download on #iTunesPodcasts #Stitcher & #Spreaker