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Put on some pants! Come to the bar! #okay
I’m feeling a little anxious today , feel tired and not as good as I did yesterday but I need to find a reason to get up and do something productive , don’t pull yourself down or get discouraged, don’t let the negativity of this world and people dictate how you feel yes you’re human but fight it , the anxiousness , the fear, I promise once you just do something small today that brings you a little closer to your goal or makes you feel good and happy see how your mood changes and how you feel and the get back to me . You’re not alone 💪🏼😊 . . . #sunday #count #yourblessings #im #doing #okay #doingme #positivethinking #try #yourbest #youarenotalone #youcandoit
Every thing is so clear now. I mean all they ever wanted to grow up, so here i am all grown up but you see i will never be the same. All my conversations are skipped to "i am fine" i was all a glass earlier but as you know people were more kinda hard and so was i but the difference was that i was brittle and that paper town has let me down many times. Every time i look for a real friend but what they do is, they come and let me know what they are all about i mean how well they present themselves and how well they looses all there fake clothes. Earlier they are like pretty soul deep and pleasing but then becomes more of wound. Deep but hurting, hurting with every single bit of it and this is something you can't even rip off and every time a new wound comes all dressed up like a fairy Now, I didn't even want to try I mean give me a reason why ? And have you ever been at my place ? Have you found yourself alone in every crowded room ? The place i am liking doesn't feel like home And I don't know what it is i just know that something is wrong How many shades of black can be displayed they told me They told me that even promises can be broken They told me that lies are stronger than truth They told me that no one ever really cared all it is about a fraction of affection and then everything is lost #againalongcaption #itsokayifnoonereadsit #okay #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #write #writer #writersofig #writerslife #johngreenbooks #johngreenquotes #hazelgrace #tfios #writersblock #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetryofinstagram #writteninthestars #writting #wordstoliveby #wordporn #writersociety
Some will win, some will lose Some were born to sing the blues Oh, the movie never ends It goes on and on and on and onnnn !!! Texas 24 vs Iowa St 10 @mac10medina now I got the teams right on my Story 😂😂😂 Professor Coronado & I having A Texas Heck of a Time at Darrell Royal Stadium. Go T-E-X-A-S Fight !!! Have a safe Night everyone “Hook’em Horns” #journey #dontstopbelieving #karoke #texaslonghornsfootball #okay #hookem #familytradition #uncleandnephew #brotherlylove #bigwin #big12 #makingmemories #allglory2god 👍🏽🙏🏽✌🏽Be Back next Season 🤘🏽