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We finally have finished the Mountainview basement development. Another project finished & satisfied customers, It took us about 8 weeks, we thoroughly enjoyed this job, the customers were a joy to work with, they made our job easy. We would also like to thank @chris_thomas_2j , Jansen Plumbing, Skytex Texturing, and Direct Flooring for all there help, input & services with this basement project. Thanks guys👍🏻 #basementrenovations #okotoksrenovations #electricalwork #plumbingwork #drywall #ceilingtexture #painting carpentrywork #tilingwork #flooring #pukkarenovations #okotoks
Started tiling today, we started with the back wall, the tiles & the pattern are the same as what is in the bathrooms on the upper level, we have kept everything the same so it all matches & the theme of the house goes through down to the basement. We used a laser level to make sure the tiles are all nice & straight. We also got some of the floor tiles down too. Hopefully finish tiling tomorrow. #pukkarenovations #basementrenovations #okotoksrenovations #tiling #tilingwork #tilingtrends #tilingtools #hiltilaserlevels
Sample table finishes for a customer project.
We’ve had a ton of compliments on our reclaimed barnwood door in the store, and we LOVE it too. 😍 James @cazconstructioninc did the entire renovation, transforming the space from a clothing store to a commercial kitchen. The sliding door was just an added bonus to the already amazing work done for us! Thank you, we are so happy!