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CHALLENGING ALL HOMESCHOOLERS and ATHLETES! This challenge is all about digging into your own self, finding your talents, gifts, and skills, and then developing them into something even bigger! I started vlogging when I went through a serious injury. It started to help me see even more clearly which direction I should take and why. And it will help you! Whether you are a homeschooler or homeschool family, it will help you develop skills in writing, speaking in public, and even overcome fears at the minimum! There's nothing like creating a piece of content and sharing it publicly. Even in writing this description--a piece of content itself--it makes me think of ways to get better in my own life, communicating better with others, slowing down and thinking, not letting emotions get the better of me, and building with my family and my team and my business. You can do it on your personal feed, or use our private Facebook group. Just message me for the link. This is one of those challenges that if you see it come across your feed, you should pause and really consider doing because it really can change your life!✊ -Coach @lee.weiland #HomeschoolRevolution
🔊 This is more about life than about athletics. 🤔 The development of mental power is systematically the same as developing physical power. Think about it. - @lee.weiland 😊
Mr Excellence @janjirak in London to teach 2 workshops and privates this coming weekend. Friday 19th available for one o ones 🌟🌟🌟Saturday 20th beginner handstand workshop 2-5 pm at David Lloyd’s Fulham Broadway 🌟🌟🌟Sunday 21st 3-6 pm Intermediate/Advance Handstand workshop at David Lloyd’s Fulham Broadway inside the station -top floor 40£ per workshop. Come, learn, have fun, challenge yourself and meet this extraordinary teacher and human being 🙏💪🙌 #Handstand #travellingteacher #workshop #handstandworkshop #handbalancing #strenght #coordination #flexibility #winyourfears #mexicana #straddlehandstand #tuckhandstand #onehandhandstand #handstandpro #handstandexcellence #fitness #thriving #cirquedusoleilmaterial #ninjaman