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This story is just 🥰!!! Why I love this little company of mine so, so much: . “My Nana has always dedicated the song “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John, to me, because I remind her of Penny Lane from the movie Almost Famous 🥰 so I surprised her by walking down the aisle at my wedding to that song, and even better, Ella entered the world to that song because it was on my birth playlist! She bought Ella this onesie when I was pregnant and she finally got to see her in it 💖 happy days!” - @kyliekitten . ✨ R E S T O C K | The day is finally here! I plan to restock tomorrow evening and with one last holiday sale!! Stay tuned! ✨ . **Be sure to comment on and like this photo for a chance to win $50 store credit! I’ll be announcing a winner at the middle and end of the month in my stories!**
Tonight we are “Snuggle Bugs” #onesie
our Christmas EP “I didn’t know this onesie had a butt flap” is now available available on iTunes. Thx. 🎄🎄🎄
i see a nutritionist on wednesday we gonna make a plan let’s get this health boys