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Rainbow Bridge, jembatan gantung yg menghubungkan kota Tokyo dengan Odaiba, pulau buatan di Teluk Tokyo. . Rainbow Bridge menggunakan teknologi iluminasi tanpa daya listrik, dimana sinar matahari akan diserap di siang hari dan jembatan ini akan menyala warna warni seperti pelangi di malam hari. . Uniknya, kombinasi dan tema warnanya bisa berubah-ubah sesuai musim. . . . #throwback #oneyearago #japanautumn2016 #odaiba #tokyo #rainbowbridge #japan
A year ago I made a post about hating fitness. A year ago I was 25+ lbs heavier than I am now. A year ago my pants were 4 sizes bigger. A year ago I couldn't do a sit up. A year ago I got tired of giving up on myself. A year ago I tried yoga for the first time and fell in love. A year ago things were MUCH different. A lot can happen in a year. You can move 4x, make the most money you ever have, fall in love with health and fitness, get in the best shape of your life, travel many of times, learn new skills, find yourself spiritually, smash tons of goals... But you can also lose things, like financial security, a partner, your house, your car, the life you had pictured... But you know what you should never give up on... YOURSELF. You should ALWAYS love yourself FIRST and never let anyone make you feel bad for it. Falling in love with yourself is the most empowering feeling in the world. We all come from the same place. No one is born with confidence. Confidence and self love come from behavior. We feel good, we feel empowered, we feel like badasses when we crush our goals, our to-do lists, and when we make good choices... THAT'S where confidence and self love come from. I'm gonna get real for a second... if your goals for 2018 are the same as 2017s... you just wasted a year. A lot can happen in one year. Let's make 2018 the best one yet. Because if you're not growing, you're dying. Let's LIVE! Let's find that confidence and self love you've always wanted so next years goals can be even BIGGER! #RunWithMe 💕
After a day spent at the #louvre the #museerodin the #musedorsay #notredame and all the other beautiful sights like this stunner, we closed out the birthday trip of my dreams with one last night of partying in #paris. Really, just the most beautiful, delicious, romantic city in the world, I loved it, #takemeback and thanks @appearingpiano for making 30 look so good 😍 #theeffieltower #paris #france #oneyearago #birthdaygirl #romantic #beautifuldestinations #travel #eurotrip2016 #europe #railtravel #museums #thisis30 #latergram