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Today I had to say goodbye to my store 36 fam and it was the hardest thing to do but it’s a must. Thank you for all the friendships I’ve built and thank you guys for making me a better manager and pushing me to my fullest potential. Never have I met a group of extraordinary people that made me want to come to work everyday and enjoy what I’m doing. I appreciate everyone who helped and put in into my gift and I’m obsessed with it. I promise not to forget anyone and I’m ready for this next adventure. Store 217 I hope your ready for me because we are going to conquer all expectations and go for gold. Love you guys sooooooo much #TillysStore36 #OnToTheNextAdventure #ExtendedFamily
Went all out today, hair and makeup! I’m almost done with school, all the tests are finished, I just have five hours left tomorrow and I’ll officially be done with school. Of course, then I have to take my state boards, but I’m confident I’ll ace them. It’s been a little over a year since I’s strange to think I’m actually finished. Here’s looking at you, kid. #cosmetologystudent #finishlineinsight #almostgraduated #ontothenextadventure
The last time I was in Colorado Springs, I had my first near death experience by almost falling off an edge of a mountain. You’d think I would steer clear of mountains and high places, but here we are challenging death again. Grateful to have survived, but still choosing to live life on the edge! ⛰ #HikeLover #MountainWoman #ColoradoSprings #colorado #OnToTheNextAdventure
I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.
Congratulations to the man of my dreams on graduating with honors today from ASU! 😈Through all the late nights, overwhelming hours studying, and a million discussion boards later you pushed through every obstacle that was thrown your way and finally walked that stage. I am so proud of you and am so honored to be able to watch you take this big step in your life! I love you, Baby Love❤️ #ontothenextAdventure let's start with a cruise around the Caribbean -- January 6th 😉💋 #cruisesurprise
Another year filled with fun and adventure! I'm looking forward to continued excitement in 2018 🎉 #bestnine2017
Haven’t finished sharing our SrI Lanka adventures, but terribly sad to leave this incredible country. We have so much to learn from you Sri Lanka. #makejakelegit #ontothenextadventure
'Hey Joey come here and look at this light let's take a photo.' 'Okay!' And he does and we do. So open, so willing, everyone on the same team, always sharing always ready to learn. I sure have loved this place. #cypresscollege #photodepartment #makeportraitsnotwar