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Looking back at #awakentrainingseries, we’re covering the key themes of @functional.bodybuilding as they’ve evolved over time. If you or your clients are still looking for ways to improve movement quality and progress with purpose, dive into the details of what makes FBB-style workouts so effective at getting stronger, faster, and better without burnout. __ Available wherever you get your podcasts. __ 🎥 @ghitta94 @marcusfilly @satyakhan
#Flashbackfriday to when we officially opened 1 year ago! It's a great time to reflect and there is so much to be thankful for. We have the best members in the world and you have made this a very special year. You are the backbone for how we have developed and how we will grow! ⠀ #onwardsandupwards⠀ -⠀ -⠀ #opexsouthshore #personalizedfitness #southshoreliving #southshorema #weareopex #southshoremoms #southshoredads #gymcommunity #opexfamily #livealargerlife #liveinspired #thejuggleisreal #teachlearnmorecreate #opexexperience #pembrokema #opexfitness #pembrokefitness
“Success in the fitness industry, to me, is all about building trust. Having consistency in your message, competency in your craft and showing your clients you DO care about their goals and ultimately their results. You get that right, and you have a recipe for long term success for both the client and the coach.” ... Listen in to the owner/head coach of @opexsantabarbara , and @regeneratehealthmc very own, David Downey, discuss his thoughts on the fitness industry, what inspires him and explain why @opexsantabarbara is revolutionizing the fitness experience. ... See the 🔗 in our bio! ... #integratedfitness # #opexfitness #professionalcoach #naturopathicmedicine
#Repost @opexfitness with @get_repost ・・・ #Repost @athletedaily ・・・ An important point that doesn’t often get recognized: fitness for HEALTH and fitness for COMPETITION/SPORT are two very different things. Make sure that whatever your goals are, your training aligns with them and with what’s most important to you. “If you are doing it for pain points and prizes, you are not going to be climbing a mountain at 85, having sex in the morning, or feeling so fit and vigor that you’re doing pull-ups on a bar outside your cabin. That’s not the path you take.” — James FitzGerald, founder of @opexfitness⠀ _⠀ [NEW POST] “What Makes The Elite?” ➡️ link in our profile to read it. #athletedaily #mixedmodal #opexfitness #competitivefunctionalfitness
WEIGHT LIFTING is about lifting the impossible, overcoming the unachievable. If you don’t lift things that are hard, and only do the things you can do then SO YOU NEED SOME HELP.... Unless you want to lift beyond your limits to get stronger, to achieve new goals, and to be satisfied....... Lift how we lift, See how we lift, Watch how we lift, Learn how we lift.. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ WE PROMISE TO GIVE WHAT YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY WHERE ELSE WITH THE MOST PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED COACHEs IN THE FIELD... ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ DON'T HESITATE TO TAKE THE STEP OF REAL NEW CHANGE... ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #invincible_program Results speak louder 🔊 #builtinfitfactory #fitfactoryegypt #athletes @opexfitness # @olympiclifting.ff
💥 DO WE NEED LIFTING ACCESSORIES? 💥 The answer to that question is NO, it depends. • I get ask a lot if a belt, knee sleeve lifting shoe or wrist wraps are a must, i always say no, don't get me wrong they do help but all of them are band-aid effect. • Using a belt won't stop your back pain, knee sleeves won't stop your knee pain, lifting shoes won't fix your ankles, there is a time and place to use this accessories, when training i like to avoid them most of the time and only use them when building to a max weight or if you are doing a competition. • Spend more time building great movement patterns, strong core, slow the way you move and see how it feels. • I challenge you to not use any lifting accessories next time you train. @opexfitness # #poweredby #teachlearnmovecreate #lifting #strength #tempo #movement #functionalfitness #bodybuilding #core #professionalcoach #remotecoaching
Also managed to hit a PR muscle snatch. Needed this to hit 70% of my max snatch. #YashaLifts
@opexprincegeorge we pride ourselves in helping develop young athletes with the most effective and safe fitness programming. We are the only gym specializing in personal development in Prince George. Through personal design we can not only identity a young athletes current ability and design a program to help effectively develop their athleticism. At the same tome because the program isn’t general to everyone each young athlete will have exercise put in place effective for growth and safety in mind. It’s a pleasure to now start implementing our personalized approach to fitness to Teams all across Prince George. From the @pgsprucekings and now the Bantam Zone Team! Great having you boys in and looking forward to continuing this season! #morethanagym #athleticdevelopment #athlete #sport #inspirethroughfitness #teachlearnmovecreate #opexprincegeorge #opexfitness #opexccp #personalizedfitness #team #hockey
#181116 #friday #gymislife . . . 예상치 못했던 일에 우리의 목표가 무산 되었지만, 주어진 상황에 최고의 목표를 세우고 최선을 다하는 것이 선수의 몫. . . 끝까지 이악물고 해줘서 고맙고 같이 해줘서 고맙다👊🏼👊🏼 . . . #crossfit #crossfitmarvel #beyourownhero #awakentrainingseries #revivalstrength #functionalbodybuilding #FFB #bigdawgsathlete #victorygrips #동탄 #수원 #크로스핏 #크로스핏마블 #opex #opexfitness #opexathlete #bigdawgathlete #운동 #운스타그램 #운동하는남자 #ootd #nike #lululemonmen #stancesocks #caffeineandkilos
Shout out to one of my remote athletes @mariposa_pulelehua killing it! Progress! Besides the amazing progress she’s made! Her mindset has changed, stronger mentally, confidence, and educating herself! Good job keep it up! #proudcoach #opexccp #final #bodymovework - - - Stop getting online blanket programs. Get a program that suits your lifestyle and goals. Need help? When I heard about Beyond Limits and their workouts I was scared but have always wanted to try it. When I first met coach Ben he was very personable, knowledgeable and welcoming. Coach Ben focuses a lot on form, technique and cares for every individual. I joined his remote coaching program for his @opexfitness project two months ago for his final project on becoming a CCP, the fact that I'm a single parent with a full time job his online program fit my schedule so well. The online program is just not a workout but is very educational. Coach also provides a nutritional plan basic lifestyle guidelines (BLGs) that has helped me have a healthier lifestyle. Ben took me under his wing and has coached me through every step on With his program I have had awesome results and can't wait to see more. I have lost a total of 15lbs in two months. #opexfitness #trucoach #opexfinal #fitmom #fitness #functional #vitality #longterm #change #patience
100 episodes - we made it! Thank you to anyone who has ever listened to an episode of The Airborne Mind Show. To express and articulate my thoughts through the mic is one of the most freeing feelings. It's given me the ability to feel more me. So I love you if you've connected with any of the things we riff about. __ I hope you've had fun exploring, evolving, and connecting ideas with me.  I'm forever grateful to the medium of podcasting. It's allowed me to feel more connected to those of you who listen. And to keep exploring the creative boundaries of this craft. __ Give this one a listen to hear why we're going where we are in the next 100. Available wherever you get your podcasts. __ 📸 @ghitta94
As coaches and athletes we know individualized and specific programming can often be the difference between hitting that pr, getting your first muscle up, achieving your fitness goals, and the list goes on. That is why I am offering you an amazing holiday deal.This introductory training package is 3 sessions for $129. That's just $43 a session. With this I will coach and help you with any of the many things listed below. Work with you to determine realistic and sustainable goals Take photos and keep a running record of your progress Skill Development and Progression Consultation, Assessment, Program Design Nutrition and Nourishment advice Weekly weigh-ins Bi-weekly measurements and goal assessment Bi-weekly photo tracking Workout calendars planned for every step of the way Motivation/Encouragement (a kick in the butt). JUST TO NAME A FEW. Email me at pokkfitness or message me here if you are interested in taking advantage of this amazing deal. I will soon also be offering Individualized Program Design. Best Steve Pokk Owner Pokkfitness #training #pokkfitness #crossfit #opexfitness #spartan #spartanrace #newyorkpersonaltrainer #ocrracer #ocr #crossfitcoach #crossfitkingsboro #deals #holidayspecial #oneononetraining #programdesign #personalcoach #newyorktrainer #brooklyntrainer #fitnesstrainer #coach #lifestylecoach #fitnesscoach