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Name (Nickname): Oshel Age: 29 Gender: Male Oshel is a German immigrant living in Florida! He is a tall, lanky individual who is always tripping over his own feet! He stands at a whopping 6′ 1″ and weighs 144 pounds! He makes his living selling hand lotion (as well as other varieties) at a little stand that converts back into a briefcase! He is usually seen all over the place and he’s never in one area for long! Oshel has a pet ferret, (who also is registered as his emotional support animal for his severe anxiety) named Sock, his pet raccoon named Bandit, and his pet rat (who is unnamed (Any ideas would be great!). He stutters very often and has a difficult time with conversation, he is, however, a very friendly person and enjoys meeting new people! This man has ZERO sense of fashion! With his unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt to glove socks. (Google it!) This boy is just a mess! (He is known to wear these socks with sandals! He’s just that type of person!) He is very awkward and is known to stumble quite often. He is always covered in bandaids to cover up his bumps, scrapes, and bruises! His interactions with Thomas, Joan and Talyn are one to behold! Oshel once asked Thomas to take care of Bandit and Sock for three days! The raccoon did NOT get along with Virgil and Sock had a fun time with Deceit! Bandit got into the toothpaste and it gave Thomas quite a fright! Once Thomas had gotten used to Bandit’s antics they got along well! Bandit scares Thomas constantly cause he knows he can! (By scaring him at three am by knocking over things in the kitchen!) Joan knows that it’s just an act and Bandit and they have a silent rivalry! Oshel will be appearing as a fun background character time to time! I hope you love him as much as we do!! #kennelAU #Oshel #Bandit #Sock