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Tagged by @rny_mommy_15 for a #stopdropandselfie #sds trying to get my butt in gear and get ready for the day. Also trying not to eat all of the sugar! Wish me luck with staying on track today! What are you guys up to today? ________________________________ #wlscommunity #wls #gastricbypass #weightlossjourney #losingweight #rny #rnycommunity #weightloss #myweightloss #myweightlossjourney #bariatric #bariatricsurgery #wlsjourney #gastricbypasscommunity #pcos #pcoswarrior #weightlossmotivation #bariatricbabe #transformation #weightlosstransformation
It has been a long time since I've shared a #facetofacefriday 🤗 It has not always been an easy, but I am so glad I got started on this journey nearly 4 years ago. I hope you all have a great day 😊
LIVE fb interview today - 11:45am Central Time 👉 Thyroid Cancer survivor 👉 Healing auto-immune disease 👉 Are genes all we have? If you feel stuck and overwhelmed with your genes or diagnosis, you won't want to miss this interview! Find me on fb Kristi Antle #lifeaftercancer #epigenetics #hearyouroar👑
Guthealth Testimony Diamond ambassador Alicia McKee shares her Plexus #PCOS testimony! "When I started on Plexus products nearly 28 months ago, I had NO IDEA it could help me with my symptoms! I was diagnosed with about 12 years ago when we were trying to get pregnant with Briley. Did you know that is treated with Diabetic drugs? Glucophage or Metformin? Both of those made me sick, so I refused to take them. I just dealt with the symptoms as best I could. A little over 8 weeks on the products and a trip to my OB/GYN and SHE suggested we do blood work to see how Plexus was helping my . Notice the note at the bottom of my lab results. "No sign of " - y'all. This was the turning point for me! I realized that not only had Plexus helped me get the baby weight off, but it helped my Plantars Fasciitis go away, (Slim has anti-inflammatories in it) and it helped my body regulate itself to where I really have no symptoms anymore! THIS IS WHY there are so many Plexus babies!!! I sure wish I had Plexus when we were trying to get pregnant! Probably would have saved us a fortune in fertility bills!" ❤️Which plexus products she takes for ? "Slim helps the most for pcos because it is a blood sugar issue. Triplex for gut health!" *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
Bacon Cheeseburger (1/3 hexa plus hexb) with some sexy SW fries 😁 all this goodness for zero syns. Bloody luuuushhh!
You aren't born hating your body. You are taught to. Unlearning self-hate is hard. When we start valuing ourselves in the present, our goals become more love driven. The way you think about your body has effect on what your actions are rooted in. I want your goals to be rooted in positive self love motivated goals: work out and eat good because you love your body, not hate it. My whole life I've been on the weight gain and loss roller coaster. Dieting for all wrong reasons, spending my life on the treadmill, skipping as many meals as I can- and despising my body and myself the entire time. To me, fitness and health was a form of punishment for not being good enough now. When I struggled to lose even one pound, it became all consuming. When I didn't lose it in the timeline I had planned ( i.e. drop 3 lbs for next months party, get down a size by summer) I'd say SCREW IT, and go right back to the self-destructive, self-loathing behaviors that got me here in the first place. No wonder I was miserable and depressed. I hated me, and every action I took to correct myself was based in hate. Looking back, after a lot of work to refocus on loving my body and actively focusing on treating my body like I love it, I have shifted my entire life. Sure, I still have moments of picking myself apart. I work on letting those go everyday. Self-love isn't a one stop destination. It's a continuous life long journey. It took a long time learning to hate my body, it's not going to be unlearned overnight. When I shifted away from flaw focused fitness and grounded my habits in health and happiness in the present, I've achieved something more than just a smaller size or weight. Ive achieved peace. I know setting fitness and nutrition goals and working hard is important, but it's not life consuming. It's important to set goals that aren't based on a timeline, number or reflection in the mirror. Those changes are a happy side effect of adopting this new mindset. It's time to unlearn the self hate and body shaming. It's not easy, but it's worth it. You're worth it. So how do I do that ? Stop being a bitch to yourself. (Continued on my Facebook post link in bio to page)
I’m somewhere between the hard beginning and messy middle. Just got back to the gym, I’m 10lbs down and feeling motivated! I want more than anything to STAY ON TRACK this weekend and not let my week of hard work be reversed by going buck wild for 2 days. Wish me strength!!
Hormone Hustler...Everyday Dr. Jean is hustling to make her women [patients] more successful in their personal and professional lives by healing, educating, and empowering. Follow me on my website and RevitaJuve Health and Wellness, PLLC to get tips to a healthier life. - Have a great evening!!! - 💕⚕ Dr. Kimberly Jean M.D. (Check out her linked bio) #revitajuve #hormonesupport #bioidentical #hormonesuck #ageless #agelessbeauty #endometriosis #endosucks #endo #pcos #pcoswarrior #pcosawareness #womenwhohustle #adrenalfatigue #antiagingmedicine #functionalmedicine #lifereinvented
DAY EIGHT! ❤️ This time last week I was starting this new journey! It deff hasn’t been super easy, but it’s getting better and better everyday! 😊 I weighed in and im at 5 pounds down! 🎉 super proud of that! Now I don’t plan on weighing in until the end of week 2! Started off today with my Zuchinni bread I made yesterday (it’s so amazing!) and my coffee of course 🤗 Happy Friday!!! . . . . #DayEight #WeightLoss #Paleo #PCOS #Healthy #CleanEating #ZucchiniBread #SoGood #Coffee #RaeDunn
Bersyukurlah buat kalian yg msh bsa sekolah/kuliah,, diluar sana msh bnyk orang yg kurang beruntung ga bsa bersekolah/kuliah demi bisa bertahan hidup 😥😔 Semoga anak kita yg bersekolah menjadi anak yg sukses dan berbakti kpd orang tua sedangkan mereka yg tidak mampu utk bersekolah diberikan rezeki yg lapang shg dpt bersekolah👍👍👍 آَمِيـٍـِـنْ ... آَمِيـٍـِـنْ ... آَمِيـٍـِـنْ يَآرَبْ آلٌعَآلَمِِيِنْ . Semoga yang Like dan mengikuti promil dari kami bisa hamil di tahun ini آمِيّنْ... آمِيّنْ... يَ رَ بَّلْ عَلَمِيّنْ. Apapun penghambat kehamilannya akan tertuntaskan, Kista, Miom, Pcos, Torch, Varikokel, diabet, kanker, masalah sperma dll. Cek ‌ⓘⓖ kami!!! 📲BBM: PIN D3170925 📲WA: 0857-9095-5258