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. Baby shark doo doo doo🦈🎶
They don’t call it Messy Art Lab for no reason! Note to self: bring extra clothes for mommy too next time. 😂 I think their favorite part was the glow in the dark room. Elias painted a beard on himself. lol @messyartlab #pearachutemoment
Tried out a soccer class this morning thru @pearachutekids it is so nice to be able to give different things a shot to figure out what I actually enjoy doing. #pearachutemoment
In the last 2 years, I have spent a lot of my life at @playhavensf. It’s my favorite play-space for toddlers, and the perfect place to hang on a foggy or rainy day☁️🌂 #pearachutemoment . . . Play Haven has an art studio, rock wall, slide, kitchen, train table, infant area, and outdoor space. The owner and staff are incredibly kind, and they are always cleaning and organizing throughout the day. There are tables and high chairs, and a kitchen that has snacks available for purchase. There is a free parking lot🎉 (it’s the church parking lot located right before you get to Play Haven.) . . . Play Haven offers story time and music classes, but they are currently on break until September 17. They host parties, run camps, and occasionally have Drop Off Date Nights! . . . . #sftoddler #sanfranciscotoddler #playhaven #kids #pearachutekids #pearachutesf #sfkids #sfplayspace #musicclasses #playspace #sfmoms #foggydays