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Today's our second class @culinaryartistas and Zoey made parfait with mixed fruits, yogurt, and granola. She even garnished it with mint and strawberries 😋. The first time we went, we carpooled with my friend, @stephanhi and her son. We were supposed to carpool again today but they couldn't make it so I ended up driving alone with Zoey. During the 50 minutes of driving there, I kept on questioning myself if it's worth it to drive all the way there for this cooking class. Then the class began, she listened well to the instructions, we learned some things about where the apples came from, how eyes and nose are connected to the brain, overall it was a very fun and relaxing environment. I didn't need to worry about the mess and cleaning up after and my child got to learn and try new flavors. At the end of class, I booked another class. 🤷 I guess I decided that the drive was worth it. Hopefully next time I can carpool though 🤞. #PearachuteMoment #PearachuteSF #pearachute #pearachutekids #culinaryartistas #cookingclassforkids #cookingclass #cookingclassfortoddlers #toddlerscookingclass #funkidsactivities #funtoddleractivities #cookingwithtoddlers #parfait #parfaitforkids #sfpeninsulamom
At least one of them is looking! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Not sure what’s going on with the other two. 😂😂😂 #pearachutemoment
Tonight’s adventure Art class then Spanish lessons! It’s so convenient that they are in the same building! #artz #bilingualtots Love all the fun things we get to try out with our Pearachute membership! Pearachute has expanded and now has tons of festivals and free activities through the app Check our Pearachute using my link and get a free trial #pearachutemoment #dfw #art #pearachutekids #artz
Someone is mad that he's not twinning with us. But really these two had a blast at Bubblespalooza, which was a few weeks ago. @bubblesacademy is hosting tons of fun events in the next few weeks. I 💜 the multicultural event offerings, including Day of the Dead Spanish stories and songs and Diwali celebration.
. Class has started but all he wants to do is look at the cars passing through the giant windows😂🤦🏻‍♀️
We went to Fit4Mom at Marlin Park today. @pearachutekids introduced me to @fit4momsfpeninsula couple months ago. At the time, I had not been exercising regularly since my second pregnancy and I was so out of shape. Since that first workout with Fit4Mom, I started exercising more regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. I feel better about my general health and fitness, I stopped munching my midnight snack, and feel stronger. Most importantly, I hope I'm setting up a good example for my little ones. Photo was actually from the fit4mom SF peninsula at Burton Park location last week, I couldn't take any pictures while exercising. #PearachuteMoment #pearachutekids # #pearachute #PearachuteSF #thekidsarewatching #justdoit
With the 🌧 today. We went out and found this hidden 💎 @challengeisland. My little aspiring engineers had fun and learned so much! #FunWhileLearning #PearachuteMoment #FunInsideWhileItRains Join us for some free fun when you try pearachute with the link below.
So many princess dresses to choose from but only one Spider-Man costume. #pearachutemoment