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Little Ollie getting cuddles :-) seems to be a rare event on a nicu but we loves these moments
It's been another rollercoaster of a couple of days. Ollie had trouble getting oxygen in his system so had to be sent back to room one intensive care. It was such a shame to see all those wires and pipes attached to him again but last night he was moved up again! Back and forth but hopefully room two for the time being. Until next graduation :-)
Long post alert... So 6 whole months ago, at 18 weeks gestation, we went through a nightmare! On October 25th I was taken to the ER at Methodist Women’s. I had an incompetent cervix and therefore I also had severe bulging membranes! That night the medical staff prepared us to have our baby boy, discussed memorial options, and paperwork was signed. Just when all hope was almost completely gone two angels were sent to us in the form of amazing perinatalogists, Dr. Conneally and Dr. Satpathy! Dr. Conneally decided we were a candidate for a rescue cerclage and the afternoon of the 26th Dr. Satpathy made it happen! If it weren’t for these men our beautiful boy would never have survived! Dr. Satpathy bought us 8 more weeks and the rest is history! Our families will forever be grateful to our amazing doctors! We thank God for them and for getting our boy here healthy, even though it has been a crazy long journey! #blessed🙏 #mamasboy #perfectpreemie #ourmiraclebaby #thankgodfordoctors #TeamWilliam💙 #WarriorsforWilliam #nicugrad
Love hearing from Parents! . . #Repost @garnetmata with @get_repost ・・・ I’m 11 weeks old today (almost 37 gestational). I weigh 3lbs 14oz and am 16.5” long. My favorite things are sweeties, my pacifier, and having my hair brushed. Biggest breakthroughs this week: gaining weight, wearing clothes, meeting my Aunt Tiffany, being held by Grams, and moving to hi-flow. #preemie #11weeksold #almost37weeksgestation Hat and sleeper from @perfectlypreemie