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Well we've only gone and diggity done it ain't we?! Words cannot describe how I feel right now. I've been working on my launch event for my debut EP 'Take Care of Yourself' since October last year and the result last night was a incredible success. I've been advised to take pride in my work, and I'm going to happily say that I AM proud! I'm so pleased with the outcome and the turn out (almost a full house WOOP WOOP!) I said it last night and I'll say it again, I am absolutely blessed to know some of the most talented individuals and I'm so grateful for everyone who got involved. The best team in the world with my family, friends and loved ones (most of you should be tagged in this if you got insta) who came through together, with the upmost patience and passion. MASSIVE love and shoutouts to everyone involved, and for EVERYONE who supported me last night in person or in spirit, you have really all helped me spread awareness for mental health and became a part of my music journey. Unforgettable memories! Now then, I better drop that EP for real, shouldn't I? 😂 #takecareofyourselfep #launchnight #itsdroppingrealsoonipromise #music #newmalden #e3 #entertainment #sterlingreigns #jules #takecareofyourself #performance #entertainment #mentalhealth #family #friends #musicmakestheworldgoround
Back to reality and back on the grid after a solid weekend in the backcountry with some good folks. Can't wait til next time!