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Monday has a bad reputation. Many people wake up on Monday with regret that the weekend is over and their weekly routine begins yet again. We have the power to change that. When you wake up this Monday, rather than regret, give thanks. Give thanks that you were able to see another day and another week. Change your routine so you can change your perspective. Monday isn’t five days away from the next weekend. It’s another opportunity to make a difference, change someone’s life, smash some goals and be a better version of yourself than you were last week.
Perspective 🙂🙃
Moose lake views🗻
Imagine your thoughts as cars on a busy road. Your job is to sit on the grassy field beside the road and simply let the thoughts and feelings pass by. However, all the cars can unsettle us, so we run into the road and try to stop cars or chase after them. This process leaves us feeling tired and even more unsettled. The training of the mind is about changing our relationship with the passing thoughts and feelings, viewing them with a little more perspective 💆🏽‍♀️ #headspace