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Bodhi! This lovey beach boy’s commission will help support East Valley Animal Shelter of Van Nuys, CA. This is just one of the many locations still in urgent need of fosters due to an overwhelming influx of animals needing refuge from recent SoCal fires. Swipe right for more information or follow the link in my bio if you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to foster. #adoptdontshop #petsarefamilytoo #eastvalleyanimalshelter #fosterdogs #saveadogsavealife #drawdawgs
PET BEREAVEMENT DUE TO RELATIONSHIP BREAK-UP Pet bereavement isn’t always tied to the death of a pet – instead, you may face being parted from a beloved animal, or have lost them already, due to the end of a relationship. This can be just as heartbreaking as a physical death and incredibly complicated to navigate the practicalities and your feelings. According to the Office of National Statistics, 42% of marriages in England and Wales now end in divorce but you don’t have to be married for the end of a relationship to be just as devastating. As 46% of households have pets, it’s fair to say that a huge number of animals have their lives turned upside down when their human companions decide to go their separate ways. #petbereavement #petlosssupport #rainbowbridge #pets #petlover #petloss #lossofapet #theralphsite #petsarefamily #petsarefamilytoo
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Top Pick of the Day! Follow @neighborlypets for more! Tag us in your Cute Dog Story!! . Credits: Pinterest
63 Days Until Launch!!🐾🐶Luxury washable dog beds with fitted sheets for easy cleaning and washable pet throws that beautify your home and protect your furniture. LAUNCHING FEBRUARY 16, 2018
On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me.... This 2 in 1 Front Seat Pet Cover.. Protect the front seat of your car from pet hair and dander and keep your pup tucked in nice and cozy. This pet car seat cover easily converts from a seat cover to a boxed in seat. Zip up the corners to make a comfortable pet seat. Fits most vehicles. Easy to install and remove. Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Line dry. #1stdayofchristmas #santaclaus #12daysofchristmas #petsarelife #petsarefamilytoo #christmas #giftideas #santapaws
CUDDLES FOR KIWI. I didn’t know that dogs could be so much affected by the arrival of new born babies. I thought it was only related to siblings. Heard from my Mom that the adjustment period is at least six months for dogs. Mom said that when she was pregnant every time she would leave the house Kiwi would be so mad. He didn’t want her to go out. It was as if he was sensing something was wrong or something bad will happen to her. So I came out 3 months early and everybody’s wrapped up with my near death experience. Kiwi was oftentimes left by himself in the house because my family was running back and forth at the hospital for 76 days. No time to really prepare him. When I arrived, it was a combination of excitement, anxiety and extreme need to protect me. As days go by, the attention to Kiwi declines. Sometimes to a point of nothing. He was the last priority. He felt he wasn’t a part of the family, and he would isolate himself when he sees my need for care and only run to Mimi whenever he sees I’m sleeping. Slowly, we all are correcting this. I’m trying my best to sleep independently on my crib when I’m not much in pain. Didi, Mimi & Mom do a rotational bonding w/ him. Kiwi is now even allowed to sleep near me unlike before he was shooed away for fear he might harm me. Mimi now can give him his much needle cuddles so he can be happy again. Just because we have new family members or new favorites, we shouldn’t leave out our old members whom we had shared so much with. There’s joy in numbers. This world is too big for everyone. I hope we try better this time to include you brother! You have been very good to all of us! #preemiepower #igstories #lifeafternicu #dog #pet #kiwi #cuddles #welcomingbaby #petadjustments #feelingrejected #feelingexcluded #inclusion #family #petsarefamilytoo #attention #petneeds #affection #traestrek