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🐰🐰 Hi I’m Luna! When I was a baby I was very ill due to being one of a very large litter of bunnies in a pet shop. I was in the vets lots to treat it, and they thought I might not make it but I got better! My mummy now knows that it is better to adopt bunnies and not shop at pet shops, but I’m glad she saved me! I’ve been an outdoor rabbit for the majority of my life and had free reign of the house and garden 🐰 But last year I broke my back leg. At first I was not showing any signs of injury, and by the time I started to the break was too bad to fix. After lots of pain medication, X-rays and trips to the vets I had my leg amputated and now I can hop happily around on 3 legs and I live inside the house until the summer❤️ Feel free to message me. I will always follow back and I like to give my friends lots of love by liking lots of pictures! 🐰🐰🐰🥕 . . . #bunniesofinstagram #followforfollow #lunasstory #lunabunny #rabbitsofinstagram #likeforlike #lforl #fforf #f4f #l4l #adoptdontshop #tripodrabbit #animalsofinstagram #petsofig