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Boat christening, 1/5. Thanks to our institutional patrons, MorningTide Capital, RockMed Pharma, and WEnergy Global, 3 new women's rowing team recruits from Mindanao are coming on board. Maraming salamat po at Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat! #philippines #rowing #public #private #partnerships #new #blood
Community, I recently received the following message from The Philippines. What’s your take? ••• If you have a message or suggestion for this person, please leave it in the comments section of this post so that everyone in the community may benefit from a helpful answer. ••• The Artidote Community is a safe space founded on mutual respect. If you notice that someone in the comments is being disrespectful, hateful, trolling or a bully, please report it to me in a DM with a screenshot included. Violators will not be tolerated. Thank you. ••• #ArtidoteInbox #rapeculture #Philippines
Pilgrimage to the Queen Mother. Tinamad na akong kuhanan ng litrato yung iba pang pagkain. Pero banggitin ko na lang din. Pork sinigang, chicken ass and heart, inihaw na hito. 👌🤤
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