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Tonight we had a Photo Challenge at our Youth Night - here's a 'reflection of the team off the ground'
Find yourself a friend who will run 9 miles with you and then make funny faces in the car after finishing in the rain ☔ Today felt great and I'm looking forward to 16 on Sunday! I'm on track to have my first month of over 100 miles EVER! I consider that a huge accomplishment and I have lots of BAMR friends who helped me log those miles. The hardest ones are my solo runs! Here's to a great finish this month and on to March for some 22 milers! #mrttmamas #cincymrtt #flyingpigfulltraining #rainyrunning #photochallenge
Amazing light! 📸 @austinperry88 ———————————————————————— Tag us in your pictures to be featured! #icecreekoutdoors