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Still playing with this one. Any ideas?
Princípios do método Pilates: RESPIRAÇÃO 👉🏾O primeiro e o último ato realizado em nossas vidas, e porque não realizá-lo de forma eficiente? Já pensou nisso? A Respiração durante as aulas de pilates é diferenciada, onde você deve expirar toda molécula de gás carbônico que sobrar no seu pulmão, para que a próxima inspiração seja renovadora e capaz de oxigenar todo seu corpo. Este ato importantíssimo pode melhor seu stress e ansiedade, além de te trazer muita concentração. Pratique pilates com todos os princípios!
On Tuesday’s we tease 🤘🏽 . . Teaser, the shining star of the Pilates mat series. Almost every exercise, including the Roll Up and Open Leg Rocker, which is done in the mat series up until this point, prepares you to perform the Teaser. . Here’s one I prepared earlier 😉 (don’t think I’d even get my foot off the mat now!). I miss getting on the mat and moving like this and can’t wait to get back to it! But for now my clients are enjoying working up to performing what Joseph aptly named ‘the Teaser’ because he described it a “tease” of all that his exercise method worked towards and accomplishes. . #tuesdaytease #youbigtease #pilates #teasertuesday #control #matwork #pilateseveryday #pilatesteacher
Checking to see if I have booty yet like 🍑👀 Today’s booty workout is essentially what our Pilates class was yesterday, but here’s the key differences: Today: we used resistance loops and I added some weights in Yesterday: no loops but it was done in a 100 degree controlled room with 40% humidity. They both were extremely challenging, not sure which I’d say was harder. GIMME ALL THE BOOTY GAINS
Exercício do dia: força no tríceps e vai 💪🏼
Exercício do dia na #chair com a #fitball adoooro💜💜💜 Força nos braços, equilíbrio e controle 💪💪💪
Pelvic curl & Fitball ❤🔵 ° Vi aspetto ogni Martedì ore 18.20 al Parco del Valentino a Torino per una rigenerante lezione di Pilates in in mezzo al verde! 🍃😍 ° Per info contattatemi in pvt o direttamente @fithomeless 💪🌷🌲 ° #pelviccurl #fitball #basiteacher #basipilates #basipilatesitalia #basimatwork #pilatesmat #pilates #matwork #pilatestorino #pilatesturin #pilatesinstructor #pilatesteacher #torino #turin #benessere #mentecorpo #fitness #powerhouse #starebene #dancepilates #pilatesmat #pilatesaddict #pilatesfit #contrology #pilateslovers #pilateslife
Apparently I need this whole construction to press to #handstand 😂 And a little jump. And it's still super hard! Just sharing the struggle, in case we're on the same boat! 🙌