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This precious little girl, now 5 and a HALF... is my inspiration ✨♥️✨♥️ . When she grows up she wants to be a Yoga Mummy 😍 check in with me in 15 years or so 😉 . This morning she worked on forward flipping over onto the couch.. . Balancing while standing on a Pilates ball 👀 🙀 . And learning to do the wheel pose by bending backwards over said Pilates ball...getting into position for a handstand! Yay! But eeek 🙈 . All while I made Sunday pancakes 🥞 . . Yes on most days my nerves are shot! ⚡️🤦🏻‍♀️😜 . What children learn through PLAY is astounding! . It’s like the magic lies within and our part is just assisting in unlocking process...✨ . What I love is the confidence she has gained in herself and her abilities... and it has transcended into her emotional and social spheres... . Just today she asked me in her own way to please back-up a little and let her give it a try.. even if it doesn’t work, she would like to try and try again if she has to... which over time and thinking I have to respect and come to appreciate...💫 . Let’s face it, she’s growing up! And I need to adjust my “very helpful” parenting style...😜 and TRUST her more... . What I’ve learned is that movement and integrated sensory play is at the heart of a balanced childhood and learning...♥️ . Most of all, I am so incredibly proud & grateful to be her Mom😍 . . . . . #mothersanddaughters #lovebeingamom #specialmoment #yogaforkids #brainboostingplay #learningthroughplay #sensoryplay #playtime #smartkids #activekids #development #vestibularsystem #kidsworkout