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When ur not shopping but waiting in the fitting room, and there’s a huge mirror in front of you. Selfie time 😅 #potd #photo #ootd #cos #selfie
Saturday night, party time 🥂
As a girl, we often experience Anxiety attack every time we see girls who's prettier than us or someone who's supper intimidating and just want to leave this world. We will just walk away and ask ourselves "why am I so ugly?" Like we dont deserve to be here. We have our own inferiorities, little did we know, someone out there like us as being us. You are attractive to that one particular person, for being natural and your attitude brought you up too. So girl chin up, stay positive. Everyone will love you if you're loveable not bcs you're pretty or famous but as yourself. Self worth is a must! #selfworth #potd #girlpower #insecure #insecurities #loveyourself #aesth #aesthetic #aesthtics #tmblr
This view makes the 15 degree weather bearable