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When you spend the pre-Christmas time at your parents‘ place you sometimes come across things that really used to mean something to you as a kid. I found this old friend here in a box 📦🎉 . Footballs got broken and replaced, but this dude has never let me down and probably never will. All he needs you to do after all those years is blowing into the cartridge drive 🗣💨😂 . While other children got Playstation 1 and 2 consoles through the years, my parents just said ‚But you already got a console. 🧐‘ Today I am happy I never got a Playstation. Just try to play an PS1 game today, it just hurts your eyes while the Super Nintendo is still enjoyable. Eventually I upgraded to a beautiful silver Nintendo Gamecube which I unfortunately sold a couple of years back. 😭 . Playing the typical Mario and Donkey Kong games sure was epic but the two depicted games are probably my favorites (seems like there was a time when games based on movies weren‘t s***). Make sure to give them a try if you are into emulating SNES games or whatever. Aladdin is a pure singleplayer game, PR is incredibly good for Coop. The deal that got me Power Rangers was the best one in my life. It cost me 5,- Deutsche Mark / 2,50 € 👌🏾 . #snes #supernintendo #nintendo #retro #retrogaming #nes #vintage #powerrangers #aladdin #disney #newyork #newyorkcity #christmas #nostalgia #hiddengems