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7 weeks old now and I weigh 1.31kg / 3lb!!! 👶🏼Everyday I grow a little bit stronger and a little bit bigger. Today my caffeine got stopped, so now I’m being monitored for the next 48 hours to see how I cope without it. I’ve been on caffeine since I was born as it helps my heart. If I can manage without it then it means my ECG wires can come off and the only thing I’ll be attached to is my stats probe. I’m moving from my incubator tomorrow into a cot with a heated mattress 🙌🏻 these are all huge steps in the right direction 🌟 here I am showing mummy how awake and alert I am, having a good look at my surroundings . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney
Yesterday, Mila had her NICU follow up clinic where she catches up with her medical team from when she was in the hospital. It was the first time one of her doctors has seen her since May and she was completely blown away by how amazing this girl is doing. She said Mila is one of the most incredible success stories she’s seen in years ❤️ That filled my heart beyond words. I remember nearly 17 months ago having a conversation with this same doctor about my daughter’s collapsed lungs 😭 and here she is today living this amazing life. I left that appointment so tearful 😭 We were told to terminate our pregnancy with Mila. That she was given a single digit percentage to survive and an even lesser percentage to survive without major medical issues. It’s hard to believe she was in such critical condition and she crawls around today taking the world 🌎 by storm. She amazes me everyday. We are so beyond grateful for this blessing. She has taught us so much and has touched so many lives. My wish is that her story gives other families hope to hold onto when times seem dark and gloomy #myheart #myhero #mylove #mypreemie #preemie #micropreemie #25weeker #pprom #ppromsurvivor #nicu #nicubaby #nicugrad #miraclebaby #blessed #fighter #preemiepower #preemiestrong #proudnicumom #proudpreemiemom
6 weeks and 6 days old. check out my cardigan 😸 so the weaning of my incubator temperature has begun - this is to get me ready to go into a cot. I’m still a bit small and struggle to maintain my temperature so it’s probably going to be a slow process, but this is what my cardigans for. It keeps me a little bit warmer and snug. I’ve been a bit sicky today, did lots of vomits on mummy’s nice clean clothes😇. I also had some visitors again which was wonderful, even tho I just mainly slept the whole time I did have a lil peep at them. The hospital also gave us a bag full of goodies, they really are so great here. It’s been another good day (minus the sick) 🌟 . . . . . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney
so I’m one month and 16 days old and I’m trying real hard to wake up here, sometimes I open my eyes for a lil peep and then go back to snooze land. I got weighed again today and I’m 2lb14 so I’m getting real big 💪🏻! I had my ROP checks again today and mummy had to leave the room because she couldn’t watch. But I wasn’t even bothered by it! I’m just a super chilled out baby 👶🏼! I had a poorly day yesterday where I had two desaturations and needed the nurses help for some stimulation to pick my heart rate back up & breathe again. It’s called Bradycardia and this also makes your oxygen levels drop so it’s very scary. But I’ve been very good today and very settled 😸 . . . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney
one very happy family ❤️ we’ve been told today that as I am approaching 8 weeks old, i will still follow the same immunisation process as term babies, which is usual even for premature babies. However - because of my gestation and prematurity it’s quite likely i will end up back in high dependency needing some help with my breathing because the immunisations will make me tired and poorly😿. But I need these to make me ready for the outside world. Mummy & Daddy dread the thought of me back there but they know that I need these to give me an immune system ready to fight everyday germs 👊🏻. . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney
this is one of my favourite places. I love my daddy, he’s so fun and silly. He loves cuddling me and I love it when he does. I’ve had a really good day today. I managed to latch on to mummy’s booby for a good 15 minutes - it was yummy 🥰 then I did a little vomit cause that’s what babies do right? Each and everyday now I grow stronger. I just need to grow bigger so I can come out of my incubator and into a cot. I think some of nurses are really fond of me and want to take me home too 😛 I am pretty cute and cheeky. I become more alert and aware of my surroundings everyday. I’m pretty much a teenie tiny well baby now. Home is on the horizon 🏠 . . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney
Here I am mid stretch busting out my clothes 💪🏻. I’ve been a bit bloated today so I’ve not been able to fit into my clothes properly, mummy changed me into a cute outfit that I fit in better and made me much more comfier after my stretch. I was naughty again today and pulled my feeding tube out - I had to have another one fitted which I found very traumatic and I go t all panicky and did lots of crying and went purple. Mummy had to cuddle me to calm down. Hopefully I won’t do that again 😺. I had some wonderful visitors today @laurenncapewell_ & @squintchampion it was lovely to meet you for the first time. I can see why you are my mummy’s best friends. 🤓 Then daddy came for some cuddles and now I’m tucked up in my incubator for the night sleeping and growing even more tough and strong 🌟❣️ . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney
These girls ROCKED their gtube surgery Monday and are home now recovering and slowly getting back to themselves. ❤️ Thank you all so much for the love, prayers, texts, calls, food etc. We are so thankful for each and every one of you!! #hazelrose #juniperpearl #twins #twingirls #identicaltwins #identicaltwingirls #moditwins #monoditwins #miraclebaby #nicugraduate #preemielife #micropreemie #preemietwins #ttts #tttssurvivors #pprom #ppromsurvivor #27weeker #tubiebaby #tubie #gtube #tubielife #tubietwins #preemie #adamstwins #theadamsfamily #theadamstwins #childrensofalabama #choa #gastrostomy
What a busy day I have had. I got weighed this morning and I’m now at 1.19kg (2lb 6oz) !! I’ve put weight on wooo! I had a little visitor from QMC, it was one of the doctors that looked after me on my first few days when they were all really worried about me and she couldn’t believe we’d graduated to low already 🤗. I sucked on mums booby today and daddy got to watch, they love my little determined face I pull. I will get there, I can do this. I’ve been cuddled nearly all day long, it’s so wonderful being cuddled, I just can’t wait to get home now. I need to grow some more so I can come out of my incubator and go into a cot, but first I need to be able to regulate my own temperature because if I get cold this can be very bad for me. There’s still so many things I need to do but I’m learning each and every day. 🥰 this is me having a snooze with my daddy, he always comes to see me after work and this is what we do together. . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney
I have a postpartum body that I worked HARD for. . . I wish that I could be the mom who could lift her shirt up and show my flat tummy almost 4 months postpartum. Instead I am a mom who could lift her shirt up and show you my loose skin, my stretch marks, my c-section scars, and now my hysterectomy scars. . . I worked physically up until my water broke at 22 weeks then I worked out mentally while I sat on bedrest for 14 weeks. . . Sure, it’s easy to be hard on ourselves and our bodies but what good does that do.? What good is shedding 5, 10, 50, or 100 pounds if you don’t love you! . . Being healthy means transforming from the inside out. It’s learning to love YOU right now no matter what the scale says or what size jean you are. Being healthy means moving your feet and not cutting corners. . . So tell me, what is one thing you love about YOU! Let’s Rise and Inspire because we needs each other! #pprom #ppromsurvivor #pprombaby #csectionmom #formulafeeding #ldsmom #teachertribe #infertilityjourney #miscarriagesurvivor #firstgradeteacher #familiesareforever #hysterectomyrecovery
so yesterday I did it! I moved to LOW DEPENDENCY ❗️ what a huge huge deal this is. Mummy said she’s so happy she could cry - I know mummy thought this day would never come and look at me now ❣️ I’ve still got lots of growing to do because I’ve lost weight again, but it’s not a massive concern. It’s because I try so hard breathing i burn it all off right away. My feeding pattern has changed now too from 2 hourly feeds to 3 hourly feeds! Now I’ve learnt to suck a dummy it means I can try to suck a booby! I got to have a go on mummy’s and it was so yummy 😋 I surprised everyone by showing them I knew what to do straight away. My corrected gestation is 32 weeks but I’m nearly 6 weeks old already 🥰. It’s remarkable how well I’ve done so far, it’s because of all the excellent care I get from the NHS but also because my mummy and daddy do such a good job and looking after me and making me feel loved, I just can’t wait to go home with them!!! Oh, I like having my hand held, so here I am waiting for mummy to hold it 🖐🏻 . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney
guess who’s been breathing in air for 4 days now?! Oh right yep that’s me 😺🥳!!! I’ve been put onto a low dependency chart which means my care needs has changed ever so slightly. I still need the wires and monitors but my observations are less and mummy and daddy can do more and more for me! Which means soon I’ll be gong down to low dependency and I’ll be making some steps to go home with mummy and daddy 😺 it’s all very exciting right now 💓. . . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney
I’m 1 month and 7 days old and the past few days have been pretty steady. I am a little super star and have been breathing in air for 48 hours!!!! 🙊 I am becoming more awake and more alert. I like looking at my mummy and daddy and I like looking at my surroundings. I hear the nurses say that I will be in low dependency in no time 🌟 I am finally starting to put weight on and I weigh 1.15kg. I still need to get lots more bigger but I am certainly trying my best. I’m just so pleased that my little lungs are working!! I’m learning each and everyday how to suck which means I’ll be able to suckle on mummy soon too, lots of exciting new things to try! . . . . . . #nicubaby #micropreemie #26weeker #preemie #ppromsurvivor #preemiebaby #motherhood #nicu #prematurity #nicujourney