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I fought HARD for these three kids. After 7 miscarriages there were times I wanted to give up! There were many nights of crying myself to sleep. There were many days of depression. There were many days of emotionally eating. There were many heart wrenching moments. I had D&Cs. I had ultrasounds with no heartbeats. I had doctors say I just don't know what's wrong. I had my water break at 22 weeks. I had many unfair moments. As I look at my three kids, I realize that all those moments were worth it. This month is pregnancy loss and infertility awareness month. I wouldn't wish pregnancy loss or infertility on anyone. I do wish more people would talk about it. I wish more people would open up. I went through each miscarriage feeling alone. No one knew about it except my husband and immediate family. I wish I had someone to talk to when going through it. You are never alone! I am just 1 in 4 people who have dealt with it. Together we can make a stand and TALK about it because it doesn't have to be kept a secret. #1in4women #infertilityjourney #miscarriagesurvivor #miscarriageawareness #pprom #ppromsurvivor #ppromawareness #familiesareforever #ldsmomma
Today’s the Day! . . Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks post c section and my OB said I can start back up with cardio (absolutely no weights) If I am feeling up to it AND don’t get too crazy! So today is the day that I work my way back into working out. . . Today may be day 1 of my postpartum journey, but today is year FIVE of my journey and my story! See, I started my health and fitness journey in October 5 years ago. . . When I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t worried about gaining weight because I knew I had the tools to get it back after, I did it with Ryker and I could do it again. I am NOT saying it’s easy, but it doesn’t terrify me because I don’t have to diet and restrict. I just have to continue to eat healthy and know it’s okay to have a cheeseburger, just not every night. I know it’s okay to have a cookie, just not the entire dozen! . . So today I did the same workout I did 5 years ago! Today I modified just like I did 5 years ago! Today I worked on me! . . Be strong! Be Beautiful! Be YOU! . . #postpartum #ppromsurvivor #csectionmama #4weekspostpartum #familiesareforever #ldsmom #driveyourlifetoday
14/10/2018 Gestation- 32+3 weeks Current wt- 1089 grams Respiratory support- Bubble CPAP Settings- PEEP of 7cm, O2 flow 6L, FiO2- 27 to 31 percent Immunisation ✅ I had my final rotarix vaccine this afternoon. Been feeling pretty off since they started this immunisation stuff. My mum calls me “YoYo” cause of the way I swing. I spiked my temperature last night after a vaccine yesterday afternoon. Doctors did a formal blood test which showed my HB was 100, rest normal. Mum asked for a boost as I am due to have an eye test on Tuesday. Transfusion always helps me with my energy level and saturation. I believe its my 5th or 6th. Oh whatever! I have lost the count. Anyways Dr Daphne granted her wish and I got a blood transfusion again this afternoon. I had frusemide for 3 days which made me loose all my water weight as I was swinging a bit more than normal. Weigh check wasn’t very exciting cause I only gained 4 grams 🙄 in 4 days. Well better than any loss. Eye check due Tuesday 🙏🏻 #pprom #ppromsurvivor #newbornphotography #newborn #preemie #preemiebaby #mypreemiebaby #warrior #survivor #fighter #24weeker #24weekers #micropreemie #micropreemiemom #micropreemiemiracles #miracle #babyboy #miraclebaby #lifeofevaan #nicu #niculife #life #nicujourney #nicuawarenessmonth #nicubaby #preemiebaby
Our precious baby boy! Today,October 13th, was your due date, but you burst onto the scene 10 weeks ago on August 4th to share your Daddy’s birthday! I can’t imagine having to wait until now to meet you, hold you, stare at you, kiss you. I can’t imagine not hearing your silly sounds and precious coos until now. You have already taught us so much, You make us laugh and weep for joy in the same instant. A little smile from you at 4:30am is better than any accolade I’ve ever received. When you look in my eyes, I feel our souls connect and my heart bursts over and over. Born at 30 weeks and you are a perfect miracle! We are so blessed you are here & we love you beyond measure, our beautiful William. #nicubaby #30weeksandperfect #ppromsurvivor #tags4tots #ourmiracle #teamwilliam #peacefulwarrior #godisgreat
We have reached some milestones this week. Patrick has surpassed the 13lb mark, the 2ft tall mark (25") and he's taken 3.5 oz of actual baby food in a week(we have to introduce slowly) and teething. He's also almost sitting with minimal help and rolling to where he wants to be when we are on the floor. Our Developmental Specialist says, at this rate, it won't be long until he's crawling. The camera and owlet have also come for us to start transitioning to his room(only naps for now) In related news, his pediatrician has put in a referral for us to become established with Neumors for a neurologist. So, there's everyone's update for now. #makinmoves #milestones #growbabygrow #31weeker #6monthsold #ppromsurvivor #nicugrad #oxygengrad #itsthelittlethings #wheretheresaheartbeatthereshope
Behold, the Ministry of Children❤️ joy, innocence, pure adoration, just loving you because you’re you! And have a face! With eyes and a smile! Babies are the best, hands down, no contest ❤️
3 Months: smiling and laughing, wiggling so much. Has discovered his hands, getting a little drooly, only loves to nap in his own bed so #homebody, lights up at all of our voices, is growing and growing. Has a few more delicious chins than before. Coos at his mama and she can barely stand how wonderful it is. Cedar boy, you are our delight. ❤️