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Feeling accomplished. lemon butter, blueberry jam, and lime marmalade 😊
Wise words from a wall. Take Good Care of Your Surfboard and It Will Take Good Care of You #surfboardcare
Right now is forever. A simple moment in time becomes a future that you will look back on, a memory you can smile back on, a past that you can relive when the years have ticked away. How would you like to remember right now? How would your thoughts change if you knew this moment would become your memory? ✨✨✨ . . . #changeyourmindset #takeamoment #thetimeisnow #memory #memories #powerofnow #powerofpositivity #positivevibes #postivity #smile #future #mindfulness #mindset #mindsetiseverything #priorities #positivethinking #thisisyourlife #meditation #prayer #zen #whatmattersmost #takecontrol #evaluateyourlife #enlightenment #shakti #jaimatadi
I’ve been going through a lot lately... as we all do and I’ve realized that somewhere, I stopped taking care of myself. I take care of everyone else but neglect myself. If I want to be around to continue taking care of those that I love, I’ve got to take care of myself again. This picture is a progress photo from 2016. I am back to the beginning photo... I’m changing it yet again. I recently cut something out of my life that has been dragging me down and it’s time to get back to who I am and what I love. It’s time to take care of me so that I live long enough to rake care of my grandchildren. #igotthis #gettingbacktowhoilove #loveyourself #selfcare #priorities #kickintheass
Monday mornings, Bali style. Yesterday we met an American guy who was on vacation in Bali for two weeks, his first days off in a year -- not an uncommon scenario for my fellow Americans. He admitted that his employer kept teasing him with promotions every 4 months and then overworking him, which he allowed to happen because he wanted the raises and was afraid to lose his job (even though he had plenty of money in the bank). What are you working for? Are you accumulating money and experience for an illusion of safety or for being recognized in society as something? Is that something worth trading the only thing you really have (time, health, youth)? Work to give yourself the resource (money) so you don't have to work as much! Don't live to bolster for the shiny idea of yourself in other people's minds -- live to awaken your soul, do the work you're really here to do, and give thanks to Mother Earth for her glory. #escape9to5 #work #instatravelling #igtravel #thisismylife #bali #uluwatu #ubud #travel #priorities #digitalnomad #nomad #nomadlife
Do you like this thought?
Started life as a fat nerd. After years of trying so hard, I became a cool fat guy who only cared about being socially accepted, his "friends" and women(which I learned how to work extra hard for being the fat boy I was lol). In my last few years of college I decided I needed to focus more on the important things in life like my future, myself, and what I really want and not care about what others think of me. Now I'm a jacked nerd with a beautiful fiancé and a decent start on my career. Forget about everyone else. I got to work, the gym, and walk around with no intention of making friends or building any type of relationship other than a professional one. I mean its anyways nice if it grows into something more but that's not what I'm there for. Set your priorities. Put yourself first in your life. Focus on whats important to you and not what's important to others and you will be nothing but happy! #focus #focusonyou #priorities #HardWorkPaysOff #earlymornings #latenights #theironplayground #motivationalmonday #bodybuilding #hustlehard #theresnothingwrongwithbeingsmart #nerdlife #foreverlearning #continuousgrowth #peruviangains #cevichegains #fitlife
The beautiful thing about fear is...when you run to it, it runs away. I was afraid of everything a little over two years ago. My world had just crumbled around me and every step forward I took felt like a chore. Physically sick, emotionally exhausted. My new life was now single-parenthood accompanied by Hashimoto’s and a badly broken heart. I took a leap of faith and I spent extra money I didn’t have on some “hippie plant juice” ( YL essential oils😉) to possibly help me feel better because I literally had tried everything else and had no improvements....🌿💧My emotions changed within weeks. My body changed within months & My life changed forever. Now I get to watch other people’s lives turn right side up as a career. #livelifeonpurpose #hippieplantjuice #leapoffaith
Always forgets sunglasses and hat, never forgets speaker... #priorities
Spoils from the State Fair...pomegranate balsamic and a Carolina Panthers sugar skull. #priorities