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|| • ғaмιly ιѕ .. people ιn yoυr lιғe wнo wanт yoυ ιn тнeιrѕ. тнe oneѕ wнo accepт yoυ, ғor wнo yoυ are, love yoυ no мaттer wнaт & woυld do anyтнιng тo ѕee yoυ ѕмιle. 💗 • @jo_brasco7777 #unendlicheliebe #brosis #family #familyfirst #love #photography #horse #horsesofinstagram #birthdayboy #birthday #party #besterbruderderwelt #überraschungsparty #gelungen #proud #proudofyou #brother #brotherfromthebestmother #goodmorning #raveonsnow #morningpost #lfl #morning
TBT. A boy and his pig. Vegetarian from birth and it's the most normal thing he knows. #myboy #proud #veggie
Another killer day at the gym with @the.strength.within & @jazzmine488 my bench press has improved a lot I hit a new PR after this set 185 lbs. for five reps, when I first started I struggled with 95 lbs. can’t weight tell I start benching 200+ lbs. .. .. thanks to my gym buddies Steve and Jazz this journey and success wouldn’t be possible without you guys, you complete my life and give me purpose and accountability to keep pushing! .. .. I absolutely destroyed the treadmill! Did 1.5 miles switching between running, walking, and climbing steep inclines. I can’t remember the last time I sweat so much! My rest day yesterday did me good because I destroyed it tonight. Thanks to @gtstrength for all your help in the weightlifting dept. and taking time out of your day to help me! I hope we can gym together some time it would be an honor to stand beside one of the greats! .. .. I saw some shooting stars tonight, I think it’s a good sign I’m on the right track! Can’t wait for weigh in on Saturday, hopefully it’s good enough to post because my weight-loss has hit a small plateau as of late. .. .. #getfit #destroyfat #obesetobeast #brixsquadlove #phuckphat #2xl #staymotivated #pushhard #proud #happy #seeingchanges
A little over a year ago i posted about my sister sending me a video of her submitting her last assessment ever, before graduating 6 years of law with a double degree 🎓 In the 12 months since, she has worked full time as a Judges Associate whilst completing her PLT. Today she has been admitted and is officially a Lawyer. Today not only acknowledges her standing there with her certificate, it reminds us of all of her hard work, long hours, stress filled days, sleepless nights, determination & patience. There are many young students that complete this degree, but when it’s your baby sister, you’re f*cking beyond proud. Much love for you BG 🙌🏼❤️ #lawyer #study #proud #sister #loveyou
My baby got to put the Aboriginal flag up today, I’m excited to watch her learn more about her culture and learn more about herself 🌸