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Si lo único que quiero es dinero Trabajando en YouTube todo día entero Viviendo en USA el sueño de cualquiera..... i hate the 'song' but i know the Martinez twins part #proudhispanic - Camila
💗Love yourself and your heritage🌈 #ProudHispanic Follow: @tu._.pac my first acc.
"She believed she could so she did." ☝Don't dream for what you want (put it aside) do it and do it NOW. 🏁No matter what your goal in life is it takes presistence and commitment. Sometimes we tend to give up or want to because we don't see results😒. We just have to keep pushing ourselves and before you know it we see our hard work is paying off. 👏I had to learn this the hard way because there were times were I just wanted to give up on life in general😥. Life is hard, but so our we🌏.
2 0 1 8 🎉 Happy New Year! I’m excited for twenty eighteen, the start of a new university is couple of days away! I got accepted to University of Texas at Arlington as undergrad! One more step till Nursing school. Yay!!! I’ve dreamed about this , my dream is finally getting accomplished. So amazingly happy for everyone’s new chapter ✨ Twenty’18 I’ll hold you dearly! 👩🏻‍⚕️ #utanursing #universitylife #unilife #futurenurse #futureforensicnurse #forensicnursing #futurenp #nursepractitioner #ididit #proudhispanic #proudmexican #newyear #nursesrock #rnbsnmsn