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I publish this again because I love it and because I can #iancurtis
I will always repost this picture forever. A photo taken about 4 years back Me and HR painting together. Couple of folks have said that there's a similarity between him and me. I say he's my elder and a great person,who has been through different dimensions of the infinite mind, so yes similarities in the mind, yes. And to know he has done his best to stay in that PMA, a definite guru, shaman, and humble soldier of peace and love. While Babylon is falling we still have HR to look up too and inspire to move forward no matter the hardship !!!!! Follow his works @hrdocumentary @phdhrmusic @herbalori @badbrainsofficial #punk #reggae #punkrock #art #life #pma #infinitemind
#Repost @hellcitypunk_ina with @repostapp ・・・ Selamat Pagi Para pembangkang👊CATAT dulu tanggalnya, siapkan energi kalian🍻💪🍻Next fuckin'Show...chaos 7TH ANNIVERSARY MINORITY "Road To @thrashonhangover16 X @madnessshow ---------------------------------------- 15 Desember 2017 At Pascorner Cafe, Jln Soekarno Hatta No. 187 Bandung ---------------------------------------- OPEN GATE : 16.00 - TILL END ---------------------------------------- FREE ENTRY ---------------------------------------- #minoritymerch #7thanniversaryminority #thrashonhangover #madness #novodkanothrashnotcool #grindandvodka #hellcitypunk #punkrock #dthronerecords
. Yuk kite gas tipis2 denim nye jhon