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33 weeks! What!!! 33 weeks!! I never dreamt of making it this far. When we first found out I was pregnant we were so thrilled, then we found out it was 4 and we were shocked but still very happy ! Then things got scary and we thought for over a week i was loosing these babies when I went through a very traumatic ectopic (also called heterotopic because I had embryos in and one out of utero.) after an Emergency surgery and blood transfusions to save my life things made us more leery and it was almost harder to get excited about anything. When we started specialist appointments we were given a lot of pressure to reduce to a single or at least twin pregnancy (basically forced miscarriage) just 20 minutes after hearing all four heartbeats and being given our first profile scan pictures. So many tears and frightening fears but we held strong knowing we were given these 4 babies for a reason. I decided to be head strong and even though term for quads is considered 29-30 weeks I knew a few people that surpassed that and made my goal 32 weeks. Now here we are Passed that!! No predicted issues, no bed rest and awaiting meeting these littles before I hit 34 weeks. I can’t believe it! This whole pregnancy has been Insane and horrible and wonderful and I don’t regret a single moment! I love you my children and your Dad, Brother and I can’t wait to meet you! Please make it soon so Momma can breathe again! 😨😍😂 #pregnancyoverachiever #superquadsquad #growingbabies #hanginginthere #33weekspregnant #deliverymonth #seeyousoon #gettingimpatient #octoberbabies #bigcrazyfamily #toddlermom #toddlerdad #expectingquadruplets #quadmom #quaddad #highordermultiples #quadruplets #pregnancyjourney #ourfamilylife #mommyblogger #instgramfam #multiplesmom #multiplepregnancy #momminainteasy #dadlife #growingfamily #familyof7 #MoM
Having multiple kids just means i get to have 'once in a lifetime' moments more than once in MY lifetime #quadmom #siblings #heartfull Thanks aunty angel and cousin Christy for the sweet threads!! @surreal_salon
As parents, you pray, you try your best, you sometimes feel like you’ve failed. You wonder, especially during the teenage years, if you’ll make it through, if THEY’ll make it too. And then, like the snap of your fingers, they’re all grown up. And you thank God that they are healthy, finding their way, loving each other, and still growing into such amazing human beings. • • Parenting never ends. You keep praying every day, no matter how old they get, no matter the successes, no matter the struggles. Hug your babies, toddlers, school age kids, teens & adult kids. Hug them tight. They grow up so fast! • • Nikos & I LOVE and are so thankful for each of our 6 kids, Nick (working in NYC), Aggie (studying in Chicago), Alex (working in Germany), Elli (flying between Ohio & the world), Mary (working in Australia) & Drey (working in Ohio). Can't wait to have them ALL together again at Christmas! 🎄❤️💚🎅🏽
Photo credit: @thewestwardphoto This morning we celebrated the SLAMiversary of @s.l.a.m.avannah with a great workout, fellowhip, and food. On the way, “fix my eye” came on the radio and the kid aid “That’ a church ong!” And proceeded to try to ing it (which meant jut humming along😊). It eem like we jut keep hitting tumbling block- epecially financially. I finally wa able to neak away tonight to get in a run. A run I needed for training. A run I needed for redemption, ince my lat everal run have not been good and have me treing thi 50k next weekend. When i wa running “fix my eye” came back in my mind. . And love like I'm not cared Give when it' not fair Live life for another Take time for a brother Fight for the weak one Speak out for freedom Find faith in the battle Stand tall but above it all Fix my eye on you, on you . I jut keep trying to focu on what i important. Doing what I can do in the moment. . Thi picture i that. One tep at a time, doing what ha been et before me, regardle of how difficult it might eem in the moment, regardle of the fact that everyone had lapped me. I know I have to keep my eye on the goal. . And accept the help when I can. In thi relay, a weet intructor came and puhed the kid the lat little bit o that i could finih- becaue anyone that know me, know i have to finih. . I’ll jut keep puhing along. Giving it my bet. And fixing my eye on what i bet. . I’m o grateful for thi group. For all it’ meant to my family and me over the pat 3 year. And i wa o happy to be able to celebrate with them today. If you have a #trollertrongmom in your area, I highly ugget you check them out. I’m o grateful I went out my comfort zone and loved them like I wan’t cared- becaue the love I’ve been hown i unmeaurable. Thee ladie are omething pecial. I’m humbled and bleed to call them my tribe- and that they inpire me, encourage me, and upport me. I’m a better peron all around becaue I have them in my life. . Pre on, Intagram family. What are your eye fixed on? . #365dayofmile #runtreak day136 #fixyoueye #quadmom #quadruplet #findyourtribe #lovethemhard