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I go to bed every night looking forward to morning snuggles with these 5. Especially during the week! Being a working mom means the time I have with them before and after work is so valuable! I’ve come to appreciate every second! Especially when they wake up so happy and excited to snuggle as a family. I’m beyond blessed with this crazy life we are living! #thefairfour - - - - #quadruplets #quadfather #quadmom #workingmom #workingmama #juneandjanuary #morningsnuggles #parentsofmultiples #fertilityjourney #miraclebaby #babysmiles #whenirisheyesaresmiling
This boy. He’s so affectionate. He loves telling me how much he loves me. He loves giving hugs. If I’m sad, he’ll say “I make you happy.” Today he told me he was sad and that he wanted to hug me. “You my best friend momma.” Today, he also put in his underwear by himself and said “momma- I not a baby anymore. I a big boy now. I’m not a baby.” Which slightly broke my heart realizing how quickly time is going. I quickly hugged him and said “but you’ll always be my baby!” I wish there were a way my hugs could always make things better for him as his grows. #alwaysbemybaby #hugger #lifewithquads #quadmom #bigboy
The kids recently asked me what I did for work. I told them that I try to help people who are scared or sad or upset- that I try to help them get happy again. That’s about as simple as I could explain it for them. Today, as I was leaving for work, they gave me toys to take and show my friends- to make them happy. Cinderella helped make my coffee and hung our during a session. I figured she can keep confidentiality. 6 miles on the treadmill when i got home- when the kids should have been sleeping- but they didn’t. Tried to make black bean burgers and a tomato veggie soup for supper- texture of both completely failed while taste was yummy. Trying to make more vegetarian meals to save on meat. But let’s be honest- i hate cooking. #365daysofmiles #runstreak day77 #streakingwiththecoolkids #runwhenyoucan #treadmillmiles #workingmom #stayathomemom #quadmom #runallthemiles #ruinallthemeals #ihatecooking #counselorlife #mentalhealthawareness
The term overwhelmed is defined as to bury or drown beneath a huge mass. There were so many times, when our triplets were younger, that I would feel overwhelmed. Overwhelm can cause anxiety and stress that only adds on to the feeling. Our triplets are older and things are soooo much better BUT I know many MoMs are dealing with this feeling right now. Let’s share. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? What helps? #mommysofmultiples #newmoms #twinmom #tripletmom #quadmom #quintmom #blessed
Today we are pretty happy about how far we’ve come! The road isn’t getting easier, but with each week that passes by we are becoming more hopeful and more excited. “Where there is great love, there are always miracles”-Willa Cather #24weekspregnant #viabilityweek #viabilitymilestone #hopeful
Let me be honest- this run started with me, sitting on the steps, head in my hands, crying. Exhaustion. The kids are not sleeping well- meaning, they alternate waking up screaming and inconsolable for hours. I was meant to wake and run with friends-which don’t happen because that would have meant running on 3.5hours instead of 5. I really didn’t think i was going to have it in me. And with each mile, the strength in me returned a little. My confidence grew. I had a little over 2 hours to think about all I have going on in my life and time to remind myself that no matter what, I can make it through. These 12 miles were hard. I took time to stop for water refills and walk a little. I took time for me. Thanks to @genucan for my preworkout and to @glukosenergy for my halfway pick me up. Here’s hoping I can figure out how to get these kids to sleep, through the night, consecutively. #runwhenyoucan #runwhenyouaretired #365daysofmiles #runstreak day74 #ultratraining #runhardliveeasy #streakingwiththecoolkids #gonnaneedsomecoffee #lifewithquads #quadmom #exhaustedmom #noexcuses #determined
I really need to work on NOT beating myself up for taking it slower. I kept saying how sluggish I felt, how hot it was, how I needed to push harder. Truth is- it IS hot, and I have been putting a lot more miles and work on my legs lately. It’s ok if I don’t keep my speed with the stroller all through the summer. It’s actually silly to think I could. I have a hard time giving myself grace. Today was meant to be a long mile day- but I opted to save that for tomorrow so I could spend those miles with new friends. Instead, the kids and I got some #strollermiles at @fordplantation and enjoyed some cookies at the main house. And stopped for some pictures along the way. #runwhenyoucan #365daysofmiles #runstreak day73 #streakingwiththecoolkids #quadruplets #quadmom #runlikeamother #walkwhenyouneedto #itsok #noteveryrunisperfect
We decided to ride the #cargobike to the park for the #fridaynightfunrun. I told myself I wasn’t going to run fast or push myself, since I need to get up early, but darn if I didn’t get there, see the crowd, and get a gust of motivation. Proud of myself for hanging with some of the high school cross-county team! Now my legs are tired, from workout this morning, the biking and running, and I’m trying to get these kids to bed so I can eat and prep all I need for the morning. Dreading those miles- hoping I don’t back out! #runwhenyoucan #365daysofmiles #runstreak day72 #quadmom #fitmom #thismommaruns
3rd year in a row running the street beat 5k :) and got to run with my sweetie - thank you to all the awesome runners who saw my Spirit shirt and stopped to tell me how much they loved the show 💙💙 #streetbeat5k #dci2018 #quadmom
The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our heart. There is no sound quite so sweet as the pitter patter of tiny feet. We are so fortunate that we get to feel and hear them in abundance 👣👣 . Can’t even deal with Harlen’s teeny tiny two day old baby toes!😍 Forever kicking myself that I didn’t take 10000 photos of the twinnies tiny toes 😭 . Hashtag challenge #momlifecollabtinytoes 👣👣 . Check out the hashtag to see more tiny toes than your heart can take!💖 . For more like this visit @momlifecollab or DM hosts @cromwell.twin.diaries @twin_adventures or @harlenandthetwins to join our chat! . . #momlifecollab #momlifecollabhashtagchallenge #babytoes #newborntoes #babyfeet #newborn #thirdtrimester #fourthtrimester #twinpregnancy #twintoes #twinmum #tripletmum #quadmom #tripletmom
I was so happy to get a pic with two of my fave quad guys that I didn't even try to get the hair out of my face lol 😀😀 its truly awesome to see how each of them has grown through this very cool activity. Can't wait for semis! #dci2018 #quadmom
I wanted to take a minute to apologize to our amazing @pibabyboutique followers for the sporadic absences on social media this summer. ☀️ Most of you know that I started Pi Baby in 2015, just a few months after the quadruplets were born. We wanted to share the brands and products that help caring for four babies not only possible, but fun! 👶 👶 👶 👶 Thanks to all of you, the boutique has taken off beyond anything we could’ve ever expected. 🙏 Between potty training, loose nap schedules, meltdowns and milestones this summer has not been my best at staying on top of social media posts. At the end of the day, I’m just a mom on the #StruggleBus 🚌 and the #HotMessExpress 🚂. Can you relate? 🤷🏻‍♀️ So if I don’t get our newest arrivals posted to social media, rest assured there’s lots of new goodies online and in-store...annnnd chances are I’m in a hostage situation with one of the quads who won’t give up someone else’s @Slumberkins. 💆🏻‍♀️ To make this post a 2-in-1 (since I’m all about time-efficiency) these pictures were from last week in the Gelato Collection from @beau_hudson available now. Photographer: @weaversquads #pibaby #pibabies #mompreneur #workingmom #quadmom #toddlermom #momclone #please #boise #baby #boutique #beauhudson #natives
Yesterday, I read a post from a fellow #quadmom. We often get the lots of comments, some nice, some not. But she got me thinking about the many things we DID miss out on because of having higher order multiples- all the things that make me sad about pregnancy, birth, and #raisingquads... and one that hit me hardest yesterday was remembering how I never really “nested”. I was too scared to. We broke down and bought a van- but only after I begged the doctor to give me permission and say we would need the van... You see, every day of my pregnancy, I knew that there was a strong possibility that I could lose one or all of the babies. I didn’t want to buy 4 cribs for fear one or all would be empty. I didn’t want to buy clothes and not get to use them. Even once I hit 24 weeks, I was still terrified of what could happen- because I’d read the stories, heard the statistics, and saw many other quad families go through devastating loses and diagnoses. That’s why we do life differently now. Are my kids spoiled? Yup. Because I know just how much of a miracle they are. Do I want to spend every possible hour with them and dread the day they go to school? Yup- because they were sooooo wanted and worth those years of infertility and pain. Seeing them smile, makes the emotions so raw. How blessed we are. How lucky we are. These 4 little miracles...they were the missing pieces to my heart. . . In other news- another miles for #365daysofmiles #runstreak day70 and a great workout with @s.l.a.m.avannah, followed by water play and @kona_ice_savannah. Every moment is such a gift. Thank you, life, for giving me this. #grateful #deepemotions #makeeverymomentcount #liveauthenticly #justfortoday #thepromises #miracles #countyourblessings #fitmom #runwhenyoucan #strollermiles