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Spent a few days scoping out the best spot for our first game camera attempt in the park next to our house. We followed many different wildlife paths with different tracks--some wide enough for two of our feet and I imagined a bumbling, sway step of a armadillo and the slim but still navigable trail of a one-hoof-in-front-of-the-other deer path. We found this convergence of three trails with wide swaths of compacted grass, likely from large animals bedding down at night. Lots of snapped twigs and a variety of scat that indicated various ages and diets of several animals. Despite the freezing temps of last week, animals were active. We expected the bulk of the diversity revealed by the camera trap would be deer and wild hog. Well, here's was our surprise: absolutely no wild hog, but instead coyote (few scat), suspected two deer, two skunks, rabbit, raccoon, and three baby squirrels (and a confused me). I look forward to identifying individuals and learning their names. . . . #wildlife #cameratrap #exploretocreate #coyote #deer #whitetail #skunk #rabbit #raccoon #wilderness #urbanpark #urbanwildlife #texas #texaswild #texaswildlife #texasweather #tracking #wildlifephotography