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Chase the waterfall, catch the sun, play with the stars, climb the pyramids ☆
Yes, we've been open--but now we're really open! Lol 😄 [oh--we've got events Tuesday and Wednesday night, too!] 1225 Cathedral St., Baltimore MD 21201. Corner of Preston St., across the street from the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. #redemmas #books #radical #indybookstore #workercollective #Baltimore #booksmakegreatpresents #femenism #genderstudies #Repost @redemmas • • • It’s finally here! Grand Opening Day!! Featuring Silvia Federici!! Thursday, December 13 come and celebrate our new digs and the release of Silvia’s new book. Talk at 7pm, food and drink specials starting at 5pm. Don’t miss it! . #workerowned #smallbusiness # #witches #silviafederici #radbooks #radfood #vegan #grandopening
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There are many ways I might have helped Theodora out of my experience. Becoming emotionally involved was the last thing she needed. This track old my capacity to act as a transformational door. In retrospect, I understand my deep love for her more clearly. I see that, while this love had its roots and complete and personal space, it became confused with a more personal involvement. This is an easy confusion and many of us make it. We are called to each other by a deep and our song of recognition. We send the radiance of each other’s aliveness, the door of the soul that has been opened into the timeless dimension, perhaps through the force of our living or the depth of our pain. We respond to this differently we call it beauty or Grace; it produces empathy, which can become the desire to help or to comfort. We may not even have a good word for what they have candles. We are attracted to, not understanding the source of the song, we tried to respond to it personally. The Black Butterfly An Invitation to #Radical #Aliveness - Richard Moss, MD Photography: 🔥 @billyelkins
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RE: Agnosis ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️ What Fitting and Fabled Aria, Could be Written of our SCHIZOpHRENIA. Which fails to include those fantastic, figments of phantasmagoria. Those Titans of tenitis, who whisper sweet nothings and judgment alike. I was lead to believe my hallucinations were not real. To apply agnosticism to that which I feel. Agnosis, implies that One ought not deny that which they feel, smell, see, or hear. What an epic tragedy, to gainsay such a mystery? To shroud the source of your Divine intuition. In apparitional dismissal, potent paranoia, lacking of fruition. It was the undoing of our mental divisions which created these visions. I pray those of you cast with this affliction. Rise anew. Reframe your conviction. For the only thing to Fear is Fear itself. ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️ RE: Radical Expression ⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕⚕ ©Colby Martin Jarrell #portlandoregon #pdx #pdxpoetry #poet #poetrycommunity #igpoets #instagood #writingprompts #writing #haiku #manifest #radicalexpression #renaissanceart #radical #expression #homeless #homecoming #schizophrenia #diagnosis
Todo lo puedes en Cristo ❤️😎 confía #Radical
Topic #2 church..... . Church is supposed to represent a body of believers representing Christ. Let's be clear, church is not a building. Church is not the place that you go on sunday. Church is not limited to the people that you associate with on Sunday. But that's how we treat it. . "Church"... . What are we doing? Spending millions on buildings... We say that a bigger building will help us expand our ministries and reach our current believers. I'm not buying it. . How will adding more Sunday school classrooms help the one woman who has just been sexually assaulted by somebody 3 pews down? . How will adding a $1,000 sound system help the orphanage that we support in Kenya? Will our loud, gaudy worship feed those kids and build a wall to keep the hyenas out? . How will adding on square footage help the family that is grieving suicide? Will it inspire the congregation to open their eyes to the pain that has already been present all along? Or will they continue to turn a blind eye even to those that beg for help? . Will consolidating your message to one speaking time rather than two somehow "unify" your congregation? Does seeing the suicidal man across the room somehow make us feel as if we are one unit? Well, it might give you warm feelings, but it doesn't save a life. It doesn't provide time for meaningful conversations...just more talk about the weather to as many people as possible. . I never saw a verse in the Bible about spending millions for buildings. I saw verses about Jesus followers selling everything, giving to the poor, and distributing it evenly amongst each other. Paul collected money from wealthy congregations and travelled to a different church to disperse the wealth because that was "fair". I see love that sacrifices everything...not the American church dream. . I have witnessed trauma. I have been traumatized. I have been ostracized. If I didn't believe in Jesus...I would have left the church because of the deep rooted hypocrisy that I see. Sunday School classes, big buildings, and long sermons do not disciples make. . Love people radically. . That's the way we reach our local community. Loving and listening might save a life. A building won't
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