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Ay siii ya saben que hacer 😊 orita se me pasara y vuelvo a los #rainbowsandbutterflies 🌈🦋 pero aunque se me quite el bad mood... que se cumpla😂😂🤞
And just when we thought we saw it all, we had been on top of the world and completely in our glory. On the hike down nearing the end of our incredible journey, a double rainbow appeared. It felt as if life was confirming we were on the right track... #rainbowsandbutterflies #loveislove #whatamoment 🌈⛰🏳️‍🌈 @amandarose6
Me: Good Morning, what a beautiful day! God: It's Is! God: Ohhh, by the way I got your prayer last night and Soon Everything Will Make Sense. Me: AHHH, THE POWER OF RESET! #RainbowsAndButterflies
Because a few Unicorn heads are better than one 🦄