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Life, is never perfect. Rather, it's all about the imperfections. A perfect life, let alone impossible, improbable and really rare, can also be rather boring. Also, it's all relative. What's perfect for one maybe unwanted, annoying, even disturbing for others. So, the sooner we remove the tinted glasses of a perfect life, relationship, work, family et all, the sooner can we be on the path to happiness, or atleast to peace - which I find better than the often-elusive happiness. In #thepursuitofhappiness , here's my submission of as imperfect a picture as it can be - the hair, the face, the outfit, the appearance - but that, Is the real Me - sans any pretentions, coloring, shading, touch-ups 🙂 Here's to a life of embracing the reality, the imperfections, the pros n cons and staying tuned to that milieu that's called 'Life' 🥂 #lifegoals #randommusings #randomclick #randompic #curlyhairstyles #curlyhair #stylediaries #musings #pursuitofhappiness #photooftheday #instaphoto #nomakeup