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. ☆゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.・*: ☆ Hallow ✨ I'm a lil potterhead so I drew me like I would possibly look at Hogwarts - Maybe Slytherin... 🐍 And I would have a white cat and just a black wand. It's not very well drawed - tbh I first wanted to threw it away *trash*. Hahah but now it's here hope y'all like it guys ⚡ . Follow my main page  @leaa.ri 🐾 ☆゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.・*: ☆ Yeah I take SOME requests... So if you like me to draw something just HASHTAG  #nishidraws 🎨! ☆゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.:゚・*:。.・*: ☆ #art  #myart  #drawing  #sketch  #painting  #design #realistic  #manga  #anime  #request  #digital #traditonal #harrypotterfanart #slytherin
Often times, animals are painted as distant subjects- observed, depicted, and forgotten. I really want to bring these characters to life because now, more than ever, nature needs us (or rather, doesn’t need us at all 🙄) to be aware, responsible, and ethical- to realize that we are not the only species worthy of recognition, worthy of life. So with that said, I give you Thomas. He’s wild, he’s sophisticated, and he’s on his way to becoming the majestic king that he deserves to be. (I’ve been watching too much Peaky Blinders 😅)