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Vai com o rabetão no chão
Sobre amar, admirar e me inspirar nessas duas mulheres. Lindas 😍🤤
- القفلة🔥🔥 يييلللممااااااززز💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 #birzamanlarçukurova
Esbanjando toda luz desse mundo em NYC, amo muito. ✨
extrañaba usar lentes💃❤.
This ain’t it
Likes For Likes? 👌💯
I don’t need weed to get high DEAD ASS
I’m still shook by how hurricane Florence finessed tf outta Maryland 😭 had a whole state emergency for a lil drizzle of rain like biiiittttchhhhh
Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh we getting there uhhhh somewhat lol ps I like taking pictures in the same shit for the sake of progress pictures makes it easier to see any differences Shout out to my African friend @rilzself he has been serving up organic gains for awhile and so what he donates money to GNC he's still a human and he deserves our respect God damn it Lol naw but for real son really got me Inspired cuz this nigga went from fedoras to protein shakes!! But honestly I'm turning 31 next month and I want to take my diet more serious than ever especially getting a fresh start at this new job Wooo!!!!!wooooo!!!! Monday lets get it!!! #newjob #newlife #newmoney #blackgirlmagic #blackness #blackowned #submissivewomen #likeforlike #kombucha #wholefoods #recentforrecent #r4r #gains #bigboys #fatboy