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My Kind of Love 🌺 It's been 6 years since I found my love, in the face of my best friend and ever since then, My idea of love has been evolving every day. The phones calls that were hours long, can now hardly equate to the minutes we talk, The good morning texts, are now sometimes good morning fights, The dates got casual, and the movies didn't anymore had holding hands. Our lives grew so apart, we probably don't share even a single common song, or watch the same series. The fights, were no more complicated, just a routine to get along with. But then there is this thing about love, it evolves, but in every way. We have stayed shut with each other, for days long and we have stood besides each other when the days were long. We don't anymore know our social media passwords, but now sometimes he picks up my phone, to stalk his animal planet. Where the silences were awkward but now, it is just another day. He forgets my favourite restaurant, and I forget his favourite dish, so we go to the same place for the 20th time and eat the same dish with just one new beverage at a side. I have had days, where I contemplated about never having another first kiss feeling again, And he have had days, wishing how badly he could use a few days of boys hangout, without a phone call from me. We have had fights, so bad, thinking it is impossible to be with each other, wishing to step out of this fuss, but then there is a meme, that he sends and we remember how much we love our laughs. So yes, my idea of love did evolve, from a regular long text to him, letting him know my love for his cute face, to getting him a razor, because I like his beard in a particular shape. And the love I love, might still have cheesy moments and unending romance, but eating an ice cream from one bowl while fidgeting our phones, makes it a little more beautiful. #love #lovers #romance #relationshipgoals #relationship #longtermrelationship #longterm #fight #couple #couplefights #writerscommunity #writing #writersofinstagram #indianbloggers #blogger #heart